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User Review

Actually it's more of a SHIFT - Reviews Reason Studios Reason 8

Installation without concern, as always with this software ..


My PC configuration: Windows 7 64Bit I5 8GB of RAM for storage 3.5TO.

My card Sound: The Firebox Presonus (sound card that I love for info)

no worries configuration between Reason and my PC, I also rarely had problems with Reason must be clear, this software is remarkably stable.


I use Reason since version 4 At the time I had versions cracker but since 6 I decided to give a few euros to the Swedish firm for any work worthy of his hire.

I tried Cubase (which I use for voice) and Studio One which recently is the software I like to use with Reason Rewire in and mastering. PS Studio One is excellent.

Reason I like because in the end I learned with this software and cabling provides an infinite possibility, I find different ways to work with each use.

In terms of Version 8, bought for me € 129, I tank, it is a "greed" because in the end it's more of a MAJ. But no regrets, I'm not at € 129.