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how do i split up tracks for a cd in cubase se ? - forum Steinberg Cubase SE


i know how to split up the tracks i just don't know how to do it so that there is not a two second delay when i convert it to cd ...........for example .........when i have edited the tracks so i can burn it cd i then put it in my cd player and there is a 2 second countdown between each track . how do i avoid this .

thank you

set your right and left locators in cubase and choose save as 'between locator points'

Burning without the 2 second gap however, has nothing to do with cubase. This tutorial will guide you through the steps to burn without the 2 second gap. Burn CDs without the 2 second gap - tutorial

And this tutorial will show you how to split your full-length mix into its component parts without even touching cubase (and for free) --> Split your mix with a CUE file
many thanks

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