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User Review

SX2 vs Pro Tools? - Reviews Steinberg Cubase SX 2

Steinberg Cubase SX2 is a sequencer that I have been using off and on for about 6 years or so. There is no particular reason why I havent made it my man sequencer. I guess I am just not as confortable with it as I am some other sequencers that are on the market. Plus at the time when it first came out I was still using a lot of hardware so I never really fully committed to being a Cubase SX2 user. But when I do decide to open up Cubase SX2 is always runs great on my system. I have no problems with it,


I ran it on a 2 gig laptop from Toshiba and it ran great and never froze up or crashed. Even as my laptop got older and couldn’t run some other programs Cubase SX2 still worked like it did the first day that I purchased it. I know a lot of people who choose cubase sx2 over pro tools 7, (or they did at the time). I myself prefer pro tools because every studio uses it. Not every studio has Cubase SX2 on hand.


Overall, Cu base SX2 has a very good sequencer that is similar to most all the sequencers in most other daw systems. Some of the plus things that I like about Cubase SX2 is the mixer track. I really like the flow of the mixer tracks over any other mixer in softwares. It just works great for me, plus the compression in Cubase SX2 seems to be better than it is in acid pro and fl studio. Cubase’s mixier system with compression and some of the reverbs seem like they model off of Pro tools very closely. Maybe that’s why Cubase is compared to pro tools so much. But I would choose pro tools any day over Cubase SX2. But I still have my SX2 just don’t use it that much anymore.