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User Review

snakefinger's review - Steinberg Cubase 6

Installation and commissioning of the 64-bit windows 7 nickel.
Compatibility with RME drivers who form a tandem Cubase audio "implantable".
The manual is complete, but the most important is that the logic of this software is so intuitive you do not really need.


PC with Windows 7 64-bit primary disk SSD, 16G Ram °, ° 4T disk storage SATA III, extensive library of audio plug-ins including Izotope, Celemony, and Kontakt sampling, much of the VSL, sound banks dedicated to independent producers, 2 RME audio interfaces with the same driver, with 48 ins and outs.
Inaudible latency, stability concrete quality audio (on my genelec) irréprochab


I use Cubase since the Atari, and it is true that it is as if I fell into it when I was little.
I was IT consultant specializing in Cubase for years, and now I know the software inside and out.
Today, the technique excites me more, and I'm of the composition.
Version 6 and Cubase Windows 7 is so transparent that it can not forget the technique for making music.
Is not this also what we did, with much less possibility at the time the magnetos and analogue sequencers ...
So, I suggest and highly recommend this fabulous tool for all those who want to do well and efficiently, rather than doing only talk gear without knowing how to use what they have ...