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User Review

Good but ... - Reviews Steinberg Cubase 7

Installing a complex strand, especially implementation of the license. The general configuration is not always easy, but given the gas plant ...

Chapter incompatibilities, I 2: Glitch plug in one that does not simply not work; and worse plug East West Voices of passion that made me downright crash Cubase, and made silent vst synths; I totally uninstalled. I have also reinstall Native Reaktor and Kontact.

Manual is clear; most of the time ... (There are excellent training in Elephorm)


PC with Windows 7 pro 64bit; intel i5 760 quad core 2.8GHZ, 8G of RAM (soon 16); Map Focusrite Scarlett 18i20.

When it works it works well. That said, cubase plant stability is average and it is better to think up regularly. Since version 7.5.30 can not use the "Steinberg Hub" function (Steinberg is working on the problem).


I use it for 9 months. I tried FL Studio I left too dry fall. I used a Presonus Studio One moment one, which is really excellent. I switched to Cubase; providing dedicated hardware etc many more possibilities, there is more surface ...

What I like:

- The opportunities Cubase offers
- The Synth Pad Retrologue and shop, and the tube compressor (Emulation From DBX 566)
- The exellent combination Cubase with my Nextar Panorama P6
- The Console

What I like least:

- Everything is complicated in cubase, if app is not really intuitive
- As I said above the perfectible stability (that's what I dislike the most)
- The plugs effect, a little cheap, not pro, improved, not up the sequencer (for a majority of them)
- The fact that one can not make the internal bus as is desired

Cubase allows for an infinite number of things; next to that Groove Agent and Halion Sonic 4 light version is a bit soft for a paltry € 500. So the correct value for the right price.

Do the selection, be little but not sure, I would try to benefit competition among the best known before making my choice