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[Getting started] Better Tracks through Editing - Part 1

Better Tracks through Editing - Part 1
Today’s DAW software — not to mention a slew of third party plug-ins — offers you powerful processing options for manipulating the time and pitch of your audio. But did you know that you can fix a lot of rhythmic errors and even some pitch problems simply by using your DAW’s basic cut, copy and paste tools. Read on to find out more.

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Guys, love your work but an article about pitch and time editing without mentioning Synchro Arts VocAlign and Revoice Pro?

Most of what is written here is excellent for knowing anyway but what the pros do is use the Synchro Arts stuff to get their audio in time super fast, a few clicks and all your vocals are lined up.

Check them out.
I appreciate your feedback, and you're correct that those are very useful programs. Thanks very much for mentioning them. However, the point of the article was to encourage the idea that one can do a lot of useful editing just by using cut, copy, and paste. Since it was in the Getting Started series, it was aimed at less experienced users, and it was designed to make them feel comfortable with the concept of moving notes, chords, and drum hits in time with their basic editing tools.