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[Getting started] More than Just the Full Mix

More than Just the Full Mix
Professional engineers typically render more than just a full version when they finish mixing a song. They also run a number of variations, which are referred to as "alternate mixes." In this article, I'll tell you what they are and why you should be doing them, too.

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I noticed you have an instrumental mix and a TV mix. Are they not, essentially, the same thing or does it matter how you render one compared to the other? Obviously you can render both the way you want, but I guess my question is, does it matter with them both being instrumentals?
The difference is that the TV mix has background vocals included. It's the full mix minus only the lead vocals. An artist would use it as a backing track for a media appearance ( TV, radio, podcast, etc.).
Ahhhh...Got it. Makes sense.
Thanks Mike, it was an interesting article full of good sense.