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Gibson Thunderbird

Gibson Thunderbird 2014

User reviews on Gibson Thunderbird products

closer's review (Gibson - Thunderbird IV)

By closer, 15/09/2006
- US-made
- It is difficult to fall below the cargo 17me
- Rglages classic 2 volume knobs for the pickups and tone


- The handle is highly enjoyable it can be easily accder all parts of the bass until the cargo 17me
- The handling is faster it is a little heavy and still some other lower compartment as the precision is such a
- We get a good sound easy but it is still necessary to have an amp worthy of the name to let fully expressed


- Find a big powerful sound and hot I used t love at first sight and secured our IMMEDIATE whoever takes over but it's true as said prcdemment it is not suitable for slap This is not a pb for me since I do not practice and it is advisable to play with the mediator to really ring the bte
- I play on an Orange AD200B head (200W all-tube) coupled to a cabinet ampeg
a sound of thunder all the power contained in the humbuckers clatent littralement that happiness: D


- I play it for a little over two years
I'm still crazy about the look I model all black so Ebony
I think I like it a bit finally: D I even given him a pet name Birdy
- I tried both and jazz bass precision bass musicman ray sting that
but the sound and the mouth of the Tunderbird are truly unique and original

Sergal's review (Gibson - Thunderbird IV)

By Sergal, 15/08/2006
Low Made in America
2 humbucker pickups
a setting for each microphone + a tone
Mine has the ebony fingerboard which does this more ...

For more details visit Gibson


The handle is a delight, it strongly resembles a handle type precision, as it slides on a glassy sea!

The bass is unbalanced but it corrects this first pass at the luthier

his issue, it's the slap, round, heavy, powerful, there are not enough words to define the sound quality of this instrument!
Be it in the grave or in egusi it really sounds and it was worth our money!


So as you can imagine that Gibson is truly the queen in her field! it is indeed one of the best basses on the market but do not expect to see the most versatile bass that is!
Do not expect to play a drunk or Rnb with it was created to rock and it does it very well!

PS: forget the slap is not for


Personally it suits my style of music, but I must admit that being a big slapeur I am a can on my hunger ...

but de-la of that, this bass is a real monster of fun is the large shipments and that's what we love in Metal ...

It's not for nothing that she has become the main low SOAD bassist ;-)

Of Gibson, uncompromising (Gibson - Thunderbird IV)

By cyrilj49, 15/06/2012
9-ply neck-
2 micro
Passive Eq, 2 volumes
Medium-heavy weight
simple finish, but perfect

Made in USA


Channel pleasant
ergo perfect, except for jazz guitar rockeux ill of: we will not in the treble! (At the same time is low)
And it takes long arms, the neck is particularly long
and a large car to transport, it is about twenty inches above the average!
the sound is large, motion, and precise, very, not in every hand, especially imprecise ...
the myth of the pick is totally wrong on this bass (on Epiphone, yes, but not here): the game is perfect for fingers (but it also kills the plectrum)
for the slap, it's more rock n 'roll, but doable if motivated ...


With his funny face, a sound typed, his choice must be weighed (and beefy amp, personal, I inject on the Orange: TB500 and 2 boxes of 15 OBC115!)


The bass of my dreams, by chance (almost), after some beauties wear (Ibanez Roadster Series 1, us jazz bass, precision ultra more ...)
I do it again this choice, of course

Thunderbird a luxury. (Gibson - 50th Anniversary Thunderbird Bass)

By Matt Preacherz, 11/04/2014
Manufacturing USA

Mahogany body
Neck-through mahogany, rounded profile
Rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and pearloid inlays Dot
Grover Shamrock, 20:1 ratio
2 T-Bird Bass pickups with ceramic magnets
2 volume controls, 1 tone
Thunderbird bridge with adjustable saddles three points
Black cover plate with picture Thunderbird and golden anniversaries
Gold hardware
Bullion Gold finish
Flight case included


the neck is very thin, very easy to play with a pick and fingers. In comparison, a Music Man Stingray becomes a hassle.
Ergonomics is very good, fairly balanced because of the body shape. The bass does not sting the nose as can an Epiphone.
Access to the last notes treble is difficult. for the rest, the handle is a freeway.
the sound is very easy to obtain. This is a bass with a large output level, ideal for Fuzz and other distortions.
It is a very versatile bass, also perfect for jazz.

This model compared to other Thunderbird, is incredibly light. selected Mahogany is certainly for many.


This bass is perfect for everything related to rock, stoner metal to ... Perfect also for jazz, especially for players using a pick.
the sound is big enough, the "fat" or thick style.


I have a 1977 Stingray, a Gibson Explorer Bass, a 4003 Rickenbacker 1993. This is my best bass, no doubt.
Compared with my other basses, I like having a toy so it is easy. This model compared to other Thunderbird, is incredibly light. selected Mahogany is certainly for many.
Excellent value for money (I got 900 euros), I do it again this choice without a doubt. You must see this as a low Thunderbird luxury at all levels. The changes are minimal, but offers a real plus. Only the finish may put off, but the bass leaves no one indifferent, and rather in the right direction. Gold Bullion finish particularly responsive to light, but never in the brilliant sense. She often gray tone.

If you like Thunderbird, go for it before there was more.

News Gibson Thunderbird

Gibson unveils the 2015 edition

Published on 09/25/14
Gibson will now announce each Fall the guitars and basses that will be available in 2015. Here’s what new for 2015.