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Elektron Analog Four

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User Reviews

Very good analogue machine

By dakitanmonkey, 19/08/2014
It is best to go on the Elektron site to get an idea of ​​the capabilities.
In addition to providing four lanes 3 effects are available: chorus, delay and reverb. The effects are shared between the channels, but you can of course adjust the volume for each channel.
The sequencer is excellent, and function parameter lock is great (ability to change the settings or even the sound for a particular step).
The small built-in keyboard is extremely convenient.
Since the last update, you can play chords on the slopes, but be careful, it is limited to 4 global channels (so kind if you make an agreement of 4 ratings on the step 1 of track 1, there is more opportunity to play a sound on the other step 1 of the other tracks).


Quick grip. Personally, I'm somewhat in the menus, there is enough surface controller. If you are a regular Elektron machine, it does not pose any problems.


Excellent I think. I wanted to make good bass, and beautiful tablecloths. It is possible, mission accomplished. Go take a look at videos made by users to report to you.


Before buying it I watched a lot of video on youtube to be sure of his abilities.
This is the machine that I always expected (multichannel synth, built-in effects, built-in sequencer, integrated mini keyboard). I used Ableton live, I do not use anymore.

What I like most is the parameter lock, as I have described above.
Since my purchase prices rose a bit apparently. I do not regret this purchase instead, since I bought an Octatrack.

Snthé hallucinating!

By legato 84, 24/06/2014
512 presets, drive to include 4096 + sounds! effects demented, this is a crazy machine that I will strongly Design Tips to buy as soon as possible, you really will not regret it! Elektron more in September will release the overbridge which enables you to control your synth VST, Audio Unit via your favorite sequencer ... it is awesome ... you need all the connectors ... Audio IN, CV gate, Midi Out, In, Thru, The Analog oven blends wonderfully with other machines, all you can do with this is amazing, I use it with analog rytm I just buy m and it's heavy! and then connect a roland SH 101 CV gate sequencer .... The Elektron is very powerful and very well done ...


You must know that there is a little time to adapt with Elektron machine ... because there is a lot of function and sub menu, but when you mastered this, you will really take your foot because the sounds of these machines are just AMAZING!


Preferably for Zik Elektro ... or sound design ...


It's been over a year since I used the and I can not do without ... ds we find all my songs ... I used with the Live 9 ... this is insane! Price sobering indeed ... but next to happiness provided ....
C'mon dark if your finances allow!

Orageon's review

By Orageon, 09/04/2014
- 4 channels
- Midi in out thrue
- CV gate (which I do not use)
- 2 outputs
- 3 effects
- Built-in sequencer

The machine is equipped with all what we used with Subtractive synth. I had some VA, I was surprised to not see more routing option between filters (it has two filters in series: a LP filter and a multi function), but all this works fine. Many editable parameters and automated. Enormous possibilities.

There is a built-in sequencer, making it a machine quite independently, it's great.

I'm not a fan arpeggiator but it is super well done, with the possibility of programming a lot there and mutate Rating: excellent.

I rather regret is the fact that there are only 2 outputs and 3 effects for all tracks (it's OK), it is mainly because the animal needs only a small little help in the bass, but in the end there other ways that it sounds.

At the sub menus, I find very disturbing ca not because everything is very well thought out. This is normal given the number of things that we should go to edit in some menus, but the machine is not lack of controls. More than three quarters of the things I need is accessible to me directly. In addition you can make "shortcuts" to change the settings you want via a single page (perf).

Level memory management and sound, it is almost like a computer.

Last longer, it opens the possibility of sequencing / modular control / old analog which opens great perspectives that I had not thought because it seemed to me very complicated.


No manual in french, if the basic options are easy, advanced features are more hassle to capture. I am not a pro synthesis, I needed to ask some explanations on forums.

At first I was a little confused on the "stained" too. Non-experts work to tame the machine. So it is not easy at first, when one is accustomed and we understand, everything seems to flow naturally. (I say that but I made a pretty basic use, ie just pattern mode, I do not chain, and do not use the song mode, which a priori is another world.)

I will not repeat what has been said about the sequencer. It is very well done, it really is a huge plus for the machine. Length of track and a different scale for different parts would have been a plus.

It really is a very complete synth with lots of possibilities and ergonomics of its own. Personally, I'm in and ca annuity works very well despite the complexity and possibilities (I'm not gone as far as possible).

Say that it sounds not direct, it requires a little work.

One regret is that even when the backup is less instinctive, one must navigate a bit.


We can do many things with this synth.

Sounds still good analog at first, but a lot of very fine adjustments are possible. You can really get a lot.

The effects of adding to its thickness. He deserved to have independent effects for each track.

It lacks bass, but with a good set we come to something good and down very low.


I have 2 months.
I'm not a musician at the base, I agree not too computer music. I am a true fan of hardware, I like machines that avoid having to program dozens of things in the machine A to B for the machine so something. The is a treat.

In synth, I've had a virus, evolver. Otherwise, I've had and tons of groovebox / bar / samplers.

It complements well the other Elektron machines, I have a OT and MD.

The machine is excellent, very complete, very independent, many possibilities.
Anyway, I was looking for Forsythe with a real sequencer, it is quite unique in its class.

Its weakness:
- Lack of separate outputs
- Lack of ease in the low

Maybe I dream to complete a specialist bass mono.

I bought OCCAZ (per usual), I remake choice. Given the options, it was worth every penny.

Free Elektron

By suzanna knowledge, 02/03/2014
In very short:

4 voice synths used in mono or poly
analog subtractive synthesis: Tilt 2 + sub, noise, LPF + HPF series, about 3, 4 LFO
Digital effects: chorus, reverb, delay
Sequencer: Step 6 lines, 64 steps with automation (p-locks)
1 stereo output, 2 inputs, 2 outputs CV-Gate


The configuration is not simple at-first. The whole is to assimilate the logic Elektron.
It is rather well done, not as sub-menus that, we control the machine quickly.

Good: copy / paste at all levels: notes, patterns, patch, etc ... You can set up something quickly. P-locks that allow to vary any parameter can be the thing that makes the machines elektron pretty cool.

Less: false manipulations irreversible: removal of bad pattern. I wonder also if there is an "undo" function as computer?
I also find it lacks some tricks like: select all notes at once per 16 steps, or to apply a transposition and not the entire length of the pattern.
After I also love messages Pitch Bend / Modulation entered by external keyboard are recorded in the sequencer, well ...


So how does it sound?

To make "bold, broad, deep, cosmic, funcky" genre Moog, Oberheim, etc. ...: NO.
It sounds pretty chiseled, precise, sometimes I can find a skinny, it lacks serious in low (must compensate the amount of resonance with HPF) I speak in comparison to the Pro One to kick it has. So for the big American sound that will not self.

Finally must stop trying to compare to any of vintage moog, the Analog Four precisely allows colder tones in any case less connoted. I therefore suggest more amateur electro minimal, experimental, techno delusions as to those who are looking for sounds analos conventional and stereotyped (that A4 can also in theory).

For my part I like to use it as a rhythm box synth or FX, the possibilities offered by the sequencer and P-locks make a different machine.

What bothers me most filters can generate significant noise (sort of breath) when the resonance is pushed (res boost enabled on the first filter) and self oscillation is quite hard to manage I think we pass too quickly from nothing to a very high level. After I also find that the filter is a little too "driven" I often drop the level of oscilloscope because of it.
Finally I regret the absence of wave tables, thus increasing the possibilities.


This machine I agree to the possibilities offered by the sequencer, the ability to control the old CV / Gate and the 4 voice synthesis. A similar price was something different than the usual offering.

That being said I think the A4 needs to be worked thoroughly and perfectly controlled. We can do things very well but you have to look with, spend time experimenting.

Recommended for those who enjoy home Korg electribe especially to complement the Octatrack, we go much further, but it requires more work and this is normal.

Others may prefer something more familiar in analog as a Prophet 08 or a Moog Voyager where it is easier to find the classic sounds.
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News Analog Four

Elektron releases Overbridge 1.0 with a promo

Published on 08/17/15
Elektron announced that the Overbridge plug-in is now available in v1.0 for Ableton Live and launched a special sale on their Analog Machines.

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