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User Review

Bring some groove into your life - Reviews Korg Electribe 2

-250 patterns of up to 4 bars max.

-32 master effects (Kaos pad-like).

-1 individual effect per track, from among 38 effect types.

-50 gate arp

-25 groove types (you can change the groove of a track)

-56 kicks

-58 snares

-16 claps

-56 hit-hats/cymbals

-71 percussion/toms

-52 synth hits/ synth FX/ instrument hits

-16 voices

-27 instruments

------SYNTH Modeling---------

-55 pre-set oscillators

------KING KORG FILTER---------

electribe/MS 20/Moog/Prophet 5/oberheim / Acid


-72 presets

- Pattern can be saved as WAV or Ableton live projects.

- Motion sequencer (to record parameter changes)

For more details, visit Korg's website


- Very user-friendly, I haven't had the need to read the manual (which is pretty brief)

- Compared to the EMX version, some important functions are missing, like the "transpose" mode and the fact that you can only record four bars per pattern, instead of eight. Plus, you only have one insert effect per track instead of the 3 on the EMX.

- The pads are very pleasant in use and they can record the playing velocity if you wish so.

- The unit is very well built, metal housing and tightly anchored knobs, it's solid.

- The filter has an endless encoder, which ideal to avoid value jumps between patterns.

- You can send MIDI data over 16 fixed channels, as well as the "groove type," which is very useful to sequence your favorite expanders.


- For people who know the EMX version, the sounds of the electribe 2 are a continuation of their predecessors, but with more clarity, precision and warmth (even without tubes), all while keeping a very low signal-to-noise ratio.

- The addition of the king korg filter is a real plus that you can hear in the sound. You can play with the resonance of the filters without any artifacts, it's smooth, warm and round, almost like an analog filter.

- I think it's a pity that many PCM sounds lack sustain. The synthesis and modeling section also lacks some flexibility.

- The oscillator section is excellent and justifies by itself the purchase of this electribe. It gives you access to quite a few new sounds, like the ones dedicated to 8-bit, Chip tune and Dubstep.

- The fact that you can save your patterns as Live projects gives you more flexibility to work sound in a studio environment.


- I've been using it for almost a week now, so it's only an initial review, but I'm pretty sure this small groove box will be of good service.

- I can take it along in journeys, even on a plane with batteries, it's a sort of big musical notepad, like a sketchbook for a painter. You can easily make first drafts of musical projects with this box, which can later be worked more thoroughly in a studio environment.

- Nevertheless, I am very surprised that the patterns are limited to 4 bars, especially knowing that the song mode doesn't exist anymore.

I hope this will be addressed in an update., because even if you only have 4 actual buttons, I can easily imagine that the bars could be expanded to 8 with flickering effects, like on the keyboard mode.

- Very good value for money, considering it costs half what the previous generation did.