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POD HD 500 connected to Wireless USB hub - forum Line 6 POD HD500

Hi Everyone,

As I am looking to get rid of the cables around my room, I was wondering if I could do the following montage in order to connect my POD HD500 Wirelessly to my computer( and thus avoid a long USB Cable:

ADAM A3X through XLR To POD HD 500 then USB to IOGEAR 4 Wireless 4-Port USB Sharing Station => WIFI to my router => Computer.

This looks like it should work, but I am afraid of device recognition if ever my POD HD500 cannot be recognized by either my computer or the IOGEAR Device.

Would anyone please give me his thoughts on this idea?
If somebody could do such a wireless connection, please I would be grateful if he/she could share it with me.



IOGEAR Diagram :
Sorry man, can't help you there. I've always been more of a "connect everything, hide all the wires, and never EVER touch it again!"

Maybe Mike can shed some light on this :)

Otherwise, maybe take a look at this article

Good luck!
Your diagram didn't come out very clearly, so it's hard for me to really evaluate this idea.
ADAM A3X through XLR To POD HD 500

That part of your description puzzles me. The XLR port on the Adam is an input, not an output.

It seems to me it would be a lot easier just to get a long USB cable (or a USB extension cable). I know you want to get rid of cables, but even if this worked, it seems like a lot of trouble to go through just to connect up a POD to your computer. Since you're planning on connecting a USB cable from your POD to your IOGEAR device anyway, why not just connect it to the computer instead. You wouldn't be increasing the number of cables you're using, and you'd save yourself a lot of headaches.

I totally get the idea of reducing cable clutter, though. For me, the biggest issue isn't the number of cables, but how they're organized. No matter how many cable ties and other cable organizers I try, it seems like I always end up with spaghetti. Good luck!

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