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User Review

how I managed without it so far? - Reviews Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

simulation box amp, analog, true bypass.
offers various sustain, gain, overdrive effects distos or by choice of amp, cab to ....
A large pedal easy to use, to go into the sound system, or in a console or a guitar amp .....
Not editable.


Configuring and using simple and intuitive, with a booklet provided.
the knobs are very sensitive and effective.
Its metal casing is stylish and strong.


This pedal is an analogue high quality sound.
Simulations of three kinds of amps are very natural!
I plug my amp on all lights (head Peavy Classic or Hot Rod Combo U.S.)
and there, wow! is an analog preamp (very similar to the lamps) which gives the boost, compression, sustain the gain ...
Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom, or Jackson, or gives any fender asia ... well (differently)


But with all the stuff I've had in decades, how I could go without the amp ?????
a friend made me try! boom, two days after I ordered it ...
I love its sound naturally lamps (so without regret that I sold my Boss GT8) and its small size (nomads to buy!) And look!