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User Review

Anonymous's review - Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

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Super simple to use despite the many possibilities


I do not know if the effects are effective, I will return in all directions, amp effects loop, facade, sound, and nothing to do, the sound cleanly ... foul!
dgueux compression, screaming death unusable stamps, in short, that's bad! certain positions, brit stamp the kind of unexpected way signal, and frankly, not very happy, even if the knobs are effective , how to fix sound as ...


I borrowed a friend because the product seemed really interesting, and what surprises, fortunately I have tried! in my configs, I quickly dbranche to reassure me, and see that my gear was working properly.
the ultra. yet all presents well, I thought spend hours carving a sound, well I have not had the opportunity .I was ready this friend a distortion dod (about 35 euros occas ') which seem terrible to me, and although I have hte it makes me!
Overall opinion: a horror.