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Who Stole the Orange?

Tech 21 Oxford Mini-Review

The story of the Character Series started over two years ago when Tech21 decided to market five effect pedals that each one simulated a legendary amp. Their immediate success made the manufacturer launch three new models in 2010. We tested the Oxford, a stomp box that smells like orange peel...

Mini-Review: A Snap Shot


Tech 21 OxfordTech 21 OxfordTech 21 Oxford












Tech 21 Oxford



T21 Les Paul 1
  • T21 Les Paul 100:16
  • T21 Les Paul 200:20
  • T21 Gretsch 100:30
  • T21 Gretsch 200:21
  • T21 Telecaster clair00:29
  • T21 Telecaster crunch00:26
  • T21 Telecaster crunch 200:29
  • T21 Telecaster sat 100:21
  • T21 Telecaster sat 200:25
  • T21 higain00:10



Tech21 continues its momentum by adding a new baby to the Character family. The Oxford comes with no surprises and it does everything you may expect from it. It sounds good in any configuration and will be the delight of guitar players who love "orange tasting" tones. The different settings are pretty effective and provide the stomp box with different sounding possibilities. The sound quality is flawless and every guitarist should have a SansAmp or a Character Series stomp box in his gig bag just in case... All-analog technology has still a bright future.


  • Sound quality
  • Ultra-effective EQ
  • Wide sound range thanks to the Character control
  • Usable with an amp, a sound card or a mixer
  • Switchable speaker simulation
  • Sturdy


  • Price a bit high if you want the whole Series
  • No presets