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Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II

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diapase's review

By diapase, 11/05/2014
Great effects, the best I have ever used.
Simu pedal overdrive / disto...très blah.
Simu amps ... very good!
Complete connectivity.


I was flying with a FC 300.
Ct1 for the tuner.
Ct2 to increment the scenes.
Exp1 for volume
Ep2 for wha.
The scenes are a strong point of this bike BIG!

The program was quite simple with the manual, it takes some getting used to and after this protocol is a breeze.

The only thing that can scare the departure is the impressive number of settings in the AMP section, we touch all we can do improbable things but in the end ... what good quality is not dependent on number possible and I prefer to have fewer settings but ready adjusting settings, I think especially the tab end of the AMP block.


Matrix then plugged into a power amp Marshall so the simulation PA was always off to avoid distorting the sound of the preamp.
the result is good even very good, but after several months I took out my old Marshall head and I took a slap! With that said ... I must admit that the couple Matrix / Fractal brings a presence in the mids in a mix experiencing very comfortable live.
You can spend hours programming, search, experiment ect, this is a great tool.
From my side after the tour I served amps offered me only a JCM 800 simulation for drives and a Fender for cleans.
Then I tested with my head 4MC Marshall will serve me as FX preamp and keep my head, what a pain!
Where my gt-10 requires virtually no adjustment to regain its original 4CM with the Fractal had to be very precise adjustments to the volume of the loop to return to normal sound of my head and again ... I have not found it so transparent, so I would say that for about 2300 € have a device that is not 100% transparent 4CM is still not normal.
I did not need all that was in it, I did not use me 100% of the functionality is one of the reasons why I sold.


Used for 1 year in live and studio again.
Before I never used simulation whatsoever on my pedals or on a PC.
I always used the distortion of tube amps and I think if I went back to the config (like others elsewhere) it is not by chance.
With that said, I not spit on the product, it's very upscale!
For the home studio is just perfect!
Big advantage in a rack that is lightweight and very convenient.
In my rack there was Furman / Axis / Matrix, all plugged into a 2x12.

Before buying I think we need to ask a question;
Do I need all this?


By Amazing Mr Croche, 11/05/2014
Let us agree on the fact that such a tool can not be fully described in writing without being a fog of information and uses such capabilities are breathtaking. In short, not having t either leisure (to my regret) to practice daily, I will only describe the simplest and give a feeling to be in as you change later.

Amp simulator and cab and comprehensive multi-purpose. Performs the most complex things as simple burr.
Multiple connections and configurations possible (amp + + computer + sound effect loop -effet/préamp etc.)
MIDI, Jack, XLR and of course ethernet.
Editing software and update (regular) computer all bikes.

For the ram beast must want .... Even other very well known multi leveled instead.


Everything is simple, very simple and complicated at the same time. Manual handy essential! Very simple but yet he must know what you want and how to achieve programming. In any case, a real muse for the creation.


As in any modern tools, it is modern. This is where the bluffing is that if you want to go old school without having to buy 4 amps, lights, cab not to mention storage and noise level (it would be a shame to be angry with the neighbor for a solo! ) and bah it is possible!
Far from wanting a volume: sound / hot grain, accurate amp as on the headphone (oh my 4h sessions at 10am on Sunday morning while sleeping lady above!).
Another element IR capture to record an amp and simulate thereafter!
The looper!
The funny thing is that if you want a historically different guitar sound ...... The fx axis is for you!


An extraordinary machine, I tried other more expensive as rare events and axis II fx appeared.
Nothing to say except that if I had not had my bases on midi programming and sound, there is something resign quickly: big big stuff. Recklessness you can be your Holy Grail and bring happiness.
I love the blog side, forum and exchange of fractal platform that really moves forward.
Tool as useful on stage and in studio (pro models without worries). In my case, the fx axis II is an ultra versatile tool that allows me to spend or associate has my system and this is a real strong point. Eg pedals upstream 1,2,3 + + preamp fx axis II + + amp effect loop 1, 2 + cab or axis fx pedals simulates upstream + preamp etc ... You understood or axis fx + preamp in loop etc etc etc.

The answer is I do not pass me over this mobile tool. But happiness at a price especially today .... And obviously this may increase. I will return my change specify non-exhaustive statements and another highlight of the Beast (evolutionary).

Good to you.

The biggest innovation for the guitar sound

By duguy182, 11/05/2014
The most advanced and realistic of his generation with the MIMIC technology (exclusive fractal) digital preamp, all conceivable effects are available (chorus, delay, eq, comp, wah ...) with many routing options and professional quality; it can be used in many ways with a wide variety of configurations (see manual).

Connectivity is comprehensive because the fx axis 2 has 2 stereo ouput, the first xlr and trs and deuximème in very, noon, SPDIF, USB and Ethernet for fractal pedals.

Many programs exist to take advantage of all these functions (mostly free) as the axis edit the fractal bot, cab and many other lab created by users or studios IRs as ownhammer.

Everything is editable by on PC and it is also very convenient, the fx axis 2 can also act as a sound card.


The unit is very comprehensive and allows many options settings. Although it is very well designed, it will take a while before understanding all the parameters; extremely clear and well translate manual will be a great help and a bedside book for a long time.

The edition of the sounds is quite simple via the device itself and even better through the axis edit.

A good pair of speakers monitorings or wedges (Mackie HD1221 in my case) in a room acoustically treated a minimum is greatly advised to ensure that all sounds sound everywhere.


Everything sounds little we spend some time on it.

I use it with six strings, seven-string, eight-string bass and all in very modern idea and each instrument is respected possible with a dynamic never seen before for a device of this type.

In the sounds that I love, all the presets I created mainly (because they suit me at once), I hate those mainly presets made with too much gain or IRs too serious. But anyone can find a sound he likes as long as he knows what to look for without this machine offered by ocean of possibilities.


That's positive, it will be two years that I use and I never learned as much about sound since I use both in guitar as low.

It is suitable for all those who like to build a staff and defined but appear inaccessible to those who have never touched a pod or who prefers a very simple sound and leave the rest of the work to sound engineer. With ears monitors, it's just fun because no repisse and perfect return stroke.

The price / quality ratio is insane if you judge the price of a single heads present in the fx axis 2.

The feature I really like is the tone match function to clone its very accurately (even better than the kemper which is the main selling point) and that is great for sound album in two minutes; the re-amping is also something that obsesses me with the fx axis 2.

I had not tried before buying and if it again, I would blindfold because this wonderful little black box has no equal and the surrounding community is super friendly and welcoming which Moreover.

In short, a must have for modern guitar sound.


By Abraxas, 10/05/2014
Absolute versatility, effects, connectors etc ...


A gas plant, it takes time ....




I used last year with a matrix GT800 amp in stereo with 2 cabs 2x12.Niveau sound effects and it's great, possible settings are unlimited. AXE FX The software allows you to create unlimited its config is when same gas plant .... But we can go to the basics and get a nice preset bank.
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  • Series:Axe-FX
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News Axe-Fx II

Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II

Published on 05/18/11
With twice the power of the former Axe-Fx Ultra, the Axe-Fx II incorporates new algorithms and an array of new hardware and software features.

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