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Reviews Guitar Amp Simulators Tech 21

Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi Review

Stack Attack Although most amp modeling is digital, Tech 21 has always created its amp emulations using analog circuitry. The Hot-Rod Plexi pedal ($179) is the latest example. It’s an effects processor that’s designed to be used with an amp, so unlike the SansAmp processors, it has no speaker emulation built in. read more…

Tech 21 Oxford Mini-Review

Who Stole the Orange? The story of the Character Series started over two years ago when Tech21 decided to market five effect pedals that each one simulated a legendary amp. Their immediate success made the manufacturer launch three new models in 2010. We tested the Oxford, a stomp box that smells like orange peel... read more…

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Tech 21 SansAmp Original (SansAmp Original)

By MGR/Zak Johnson, 24/07/2004
From a recording studio in Australia.

Great TONE and ease and simplicity of use. This unit is truly amazing.

This unit will make you sound just like the professionals when used as a DI and through a decent EQ and reverb.

Its just amazing I love this unit so much.

It’s just amazing I love this unit so much. Was a bit pricey but worth absolutely every dime. If stolen would by two for safe keeping if i could find them (very rare these days).

Solid metal no plastic battery cover just plain solid.

This unit is the keen to my Tone/sound i couldn’t play guitar without it.

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Swiss army knife for musicians (SansAmp Para Driver DI)

By MountAnDewMe, 15/01/2013
The Sans Amp Para Driver DI by Tech 21 is probably one of the most overlooked but intuitively usefull tools every musician should own. Built primararly to be a Direct Interface, which it does well, it goes well beyond the scope of any normal DI box. This is an analog DI that can be powered by a nine volt battery, an AC adapter, or by phantom power. It offers one quarter inch input, a quarter inch parallel uneffected output, one quarter inch effected output, and one effected XLR output. There is one true bypass footswitch on the pedal. There are six large knobs that control level, treble, mid, mid shift, bass, drive, and 1 mini knob to controll the blend of the Sans Amp simulator. In addition to this there are three switches, two that controll the output level between line and instrument level on the two effected outputs and a third to select phantom power and a ground connect switch.


Unlike many pedal manuals Tech 21 sends a very informative guide to the operation of the pedal and its many components. Along with that there are many examples of setups provided for use with guitar, both acoustic and electric, bass, keyboard, and more. This pedal truely is useful across the range of amplified instruments. The use of this pedal is very straight forward but does require some experimentation to gett the feel of it. The controls are extremely interactive which allow for drastic changes with minimal adjustments. It can be made to not sound the way you want if you treat it as a general tone shaping device as the knobs require a high level of familiarity, similar to the way you would dial in a Mesa Boogie Recto. It is not a deficiency of the unit but a testament of how powerful the shaping qualities can be.


This unit is a transparent or as colored as you needit to be. The reason it is so adept to working across various instruments is it versitility. If you simply need a colorless DI to the board it has it covered. If your a bass player and want to take just your instrument to a house of worship to play it can send a convincing Ampeg sound to the board. It works wonders to eliminatethe unwanted parts of piezo pickups and really anything you need it to do. It also is indespensible for use in a home studio. If you are using an amp for feel and are recording it the parallel though is indispensible for preserving a quality DI track for future reamping if needed.


This unit is a perfect solution to many problems any musician can face in any situation. There are no flaws I can see in this design. I believe this piece is worth every penny and I only wish I had owned it since the day it was built. It operated phenominaly in any situation as long as the user takes some time to know what they actualy own in this piece. I have seen and used a few other DI boxes in the past but none can compare to the toolbox nature of this unit. I would buy it again if anything happened to it but it is built very well. I do not forsee me breaking it anytime in the future. The only regret I have is the fact I never thought much of it before I actually went and tried one. I wish it had been with me since day one.

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The SansAmp Blonde Deluxe is available

Published on 08/05/13
Tech21 launched the sale of its SansAmp Blonde Deluxe pedal, a limited edition available only on the manufacturer website.

The Tech21 Blonde in Deluxe version

Published on 02/07/13

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