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User Review

jonfire's review - Art SGX 2000

I add a little notice to specify:
amp lamp / 8 presets with different transistor
input jack on the front, the back contains
a true stereo loop, single loop, the two are activated
the menu of presets, allowing to integrate or not
these effects without décabler favorite qouique either: practice;
stereo line input is a fraud: it is summed
the entrance to the preamp in mono, too bad for keyboards and
Other machines: one is the stereo multi-effects, not the preamp!
was the post-EQ on the front is also very practical
and especially the mix of effects, which can manage the level
effects on stage in a flash ...
against by two units is a big rack, not very nice ... you can not have everything


It's pretty easy to use, especially with the doc!
the manual is very well done, and within minutes we
knows by heart, top navigation is over
other brands;
the interest is:
a high quality preamp: super compressor, exciting,
8 and the choice of preamp allow a lot of varieties in
distortions or clean;
effects of very high quality but the chorus is really
very light (it is perhaps a mistake, given how the rest sounds!)
and the pitch is old, so slow and kitsch plastic!
This amp can reproduce any sound from any
guitar (except metal), even if the interest is of course to
own sounds;
In any case, overall, it sounds very English rock I think.


Very nice clean, good crunch, very good distos,
the reverb is beautiful, the time is up,
there are plenty of dynamics, it sounds right now
and this makes all the difference by giving
an unexpected relief (but you have to play in stereo for that):
the panner that sweeps from left to right with the speed and duration
we want is really beautiful (I have the chameleon
Rocktron, which has the most beautiful modulations, but in the end
outweighs the SGX for relief in stereo and the harmonics
due to the lamp), but the Rocktron is doing when-
very well;


Shame about the false stereo, damage to the chorus
ridiculous, the rest is excellent, it is the rack that I keep
at home for recording, on stage, the chameleon
that my favor for his size / sound reproduction;
I added my favorite pedals (chorus marshall, and flanger
more dod overdrive, bad monkey and digitech synth wah, and I
The most beautiful sound of the earth as it is I who made ...
if I had not, I would have ...