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User Review

Ps2's review - Art SGX 2000

All effects are Submitted, modulations, delays and reverbs, pitch, filters, high pass and low pass, equalizer, exciting, etc ...
The version I possde diffrent is the picture and seems more feature rich.
The original sculptures RSID in its architecture:
multi effects numrique coexists with a conventional preamp transistors, and therefore can be dosed 3 buttons grace the percentage of signal DIRECT - Analog - Numrique to send the outputs.
Effects (digital) type lamps and prampli transistors are of excellent quality. It is true that art has a 12AX7 intended for this purpose.
TRS connectors allows rich insrer other effects (loops)
The order of effects is Settings, which is important.
The icing on the cake is the use with the original pdalier (X15), which allows two grace of expression pedals to change the value of two parameters chosen by the user while real time. (A rgal on dlais rverbs and others)
Global connectivity is excellent.
I / O XLR or phone jack guitar + facade + midi in / out


Programming patches is very simple, two buttons to be incremented Dfile the parameters and to edit.

the parameters offered are many and "talking".

The manual, however, is translated in french ... trs "word word". Expect phrases like: "Connect your effector ... etc ..."


The effects are generally satisfactory trs.
Mention trs good for:
- Pramplis
- Compressors - NG - expander
- Dlais - Rverbs
Honors for:
- Modulation (phase - chorus - flanger)
- Pitch
- Amp Simulator
Words "you see a" for:
- + Whah filters
- Effects of gate
- Ring modulator

Personally, I use this preamp with a standard strat US BLADE Texas and this one is vintage and shows trs respectful of stamps of each instrument.
Clearly if you plug a guitar trs average, you will get a rsultat trs way, unless you put the direct 0.

My patch is based preamp prfrs lamps (tubes classic) and dlais rverb or flange.
It reminds be of vital use pdalier consquent (X15) that allows you to change two parameters impact the choices.
Try a time limit (time limit of the volume) and a pitch (change the pitch of -12 +12) and you get an IDE capabilities of the machine.


I use it since 1998.
I prfres prampli this is its architecture trs labore to chop sound perfectly.
In the era of this purchase, I tried the Rocktron line and I have not found this one in the fineness of the ART.
The report quality era or the price I bought n'tait forcment not the best, (HA + 8000 Frs pdalier 2000), however it is a machine buy now in time.
Be careful though on occasion, check the health of the lamp (dual 12AX7) and buy a new one if possible.
With the exprience, I would do this choice, even if today the modeling alternatives exist.