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MXR M133 Micro Amp

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By ManuNZ, 27/11/2014
A switch and a button, nothing more!


Could not be easier I think.


Can boost a clear, or cruncher, or bosster sound. And all this with style! Great sound, warm and dynamic.


I used for quite some years, connected between my head and my Peavey Classic 100 Xotic RC booster. I juggle between the two pedals or I clicks all 2. I have not found better configuration and that for years!
After that, it's all very personal. The pedals never react according to the same amp that is connected behind ... And the guy who plays on it!

A killer!

By ThibautGPP, 22/08/2014
RAS, everything has been said. Manufacturing quality and durability beyond reproach.


It could not be simpler because a single knob. The big problem with this pedal is that we want to put it everywhere so it sounds. So I'll take a 2nd to get one in front and one in the chain. Arf


I play with a standard strat and strat rise EMG SA.
The sound is simply HUGE. It has a light color in the top medium that brings so much heat that I have to play in his underwear.

Nothing flashy, not characterized control to the equa amp, shit; there is just a little je ne sais quoi in addition that brings a hell of fishing to your rig. Placed in front, knob at 11am, we really gaining momentum with an intake of discreet but effective gain, and already with a noticeable increase in volume. Really, it's very hard to turn it off once it has begun.

You push the knob in the last quarter and then it starts really cruncher, not to mention the onslaught of decibels that takes in esgourdes.
Note that the sound is slightly cramped. It is still very far from TS like in terms of "nasality."

It goes very well in reinforcement of a more hairy distortion, the micro amp giving the dynamic potential that could break said pedal (it is thanks to him that I did not throw my little big muff, and finally for the moment).

In the loop, the pedal proves just as effective. You lose the contribution of gain to win only on the volume (which is the goal), while keeping the slight coloration makes it really formidable. It transcends the sound on a solo or a riff that we need to attack with more fishing.


I use the micro amp for 2 years and have therefore placed at all possible, parts of my rig.

It's very subjective, but I find it gives the best of itself between 11am and 15:00. In real thing, is connected and gets a big mandala. I would not have imagined that a boost pedal, which is reluctant to buy a little at the beginning to its very appearance "utility" would be such a pillar of my sound.

You'll like her or not, but in any case it really worth trying.

Simply indispensable!

By Samuel 62150, 29/06/2013
Pedal 100% true analog bypass robust!


A Gain knob, a switch can not be simpler.


I would say it depends on the material used. I use a Vox AC 50 which is already a great amp. The clean Vox is already great but I use this pedal MXR Micro Amp between my guitar and my amp and then the sound is real nice and much more now (I use 40% of the winning race).
Namely, as I'm bassist, I also tested between my bass and my amp (ashdown mag 300) is ideal for bass solos, or even to move from its companion round sound more suited to funky slap.


I use it for 6-8 months now and this is the pedal that I use most in my pedalboard without doubt. The finish is obviously very strong as usual with MXR. Many complain about the location of the power supply but I do not mind it more than that.
The price may be too high for this simple hair gain but well worth finishing, simplicity and the final rendering.
It simply indispensable.

Any good

By Linn Sondek, 16/05/2013
Pedal preamp, ie boost when the level is raised beyond a certain level. Analog effect as always with MXR. Classical case the brand, robust and compact.


More than easy to use configuration is the simplest it is possible to find an effect pedal.


Here is a boost acting on the volume level. EN according to its position in a chaining, its effect will differ: before or after a distortion, for example, the Micro Amp does not lead in the same way. Before, he played on the level that the attack distortion pedal to increase the gain, according to the same pedal it will just increase the overall volume without changing the gain. From there, so we will try!
The only adjustment available shows progressive and responsive allowing changes both subtle and numerous.
This pedal triggers an addiction quickly and once started it is difficult to pass. We must therefore show great discipline to not abuse it and lose it can do its interest: the effect of "surprise" created its inception.


True to MXR that I know both the range and quality, I have not tried anything else, and took advantage of an opportunity to acquire the Micro Amp. I use it sparingly, avoiding systematize its contribution. For if the effect appears to be relatively transparent, systematic use tends to equalize the sound.
I prefer to use it at the right time and this is what it is: kick boost needed.
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MXR M133 Micro Amp tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:MXR
  • Model:M133 Micro Amp
  • Category:Guitar/Bass boosters
  • Added in our database on: 05/15/2006

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