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Clear, practical and versatile. - Reviews T-Rex Engineering Twin Boost

Both units feature boost EQ Treble-Mid-Bass in one pedal. Both buffs are not cumulative.
I use it as 2nd master equalizer and in the loop (like a volume pedal) or as EQ and gain stage (small) front.
This is according to the amp. As I mentioned in the title, it is versatile.


Super simple setup, useless manual. I put perfect


Super transparent and silent, while serving to increase the volume o)
It does not "push" not very strong. Unless the amp is capable alone, it does not provide a high level of gain, it is in the subtle. We could blame him one of the two boosts does not allow.

In the past I had a double boost Home Brew DOS MOS combined channels 30 dB without equalization. In some ways it was more practical, especially boost gain, although very rude (I wonder if the pots were not linear) and the first of the two channels can be switched in buffer. A machine hell to bandage the metalheads. O) Finally, if I may say so.

I rather regret not finding the ability to push higher input gain, mainly on a single channel vintage amp. Having said that, combined with a good overdrive (I collect them), T-REX is more than enough for my use.


I use it for two years, even at home. When I took the idea to record something, I always do my sounds with an amp and microphones, I do not support multi effects.

Again I had the Home Brew DOS MOS, different design and I have a clean boost independent Box Of Rock, I can earn and there, it can push an entry rather violently floor.

For a pedal T-REX, it is not very expensive and I would do this choice. I bought, like almost all my pedals in the U.S. $, it is much more interesting.