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User reviews on Guitar tuition/press products

Cover Guitar Magazine Issue 2! (HIT Diffusion - La méthode de Slide Guitar)

By christian.cuisinier, 04/08/2012
That's it! (Esprons the graphic designer is mentioned

Very good method. (Carisch - Génération Guitare)

By Spawn-X, 19/03/2012
Above all, I must explain the context that binds me to this method.

I am a guitar teacher and patron of my school. This school is affiliated with a network comprising a 30aine other schools like mine in hex. This is the network of National Schools Guitar Ibanez Guitar Generation which happens to be the official method (this is also clearly mentioned on the cover). The method also takes up, end of the book, the list of teacher and their contact information at the time of the first edition.

I will try to be as objective as possible. But you are now aware of the situation.

>>> How long you use it?
Since its release in 2006.

>>> What is special that you love the most, least?
The +:
Work-covering all levels of the bases rhythm (Go / Back) to advanced concepts of harmonization of a range of explanations and summaries on improvisation.
Exercises short-quite varied.
The two-CD containing all the exercises in audio.
Mock-clear without unnecessary crap.
-The selling price very affordable given the content.

-The audio versions of the exercises are too short and too fast most of the time. They can be used only listen to how the exercise should sound, but do not usually play along for beginners.
-It's not 2 CD should have been but 10 containing all audio exercises several tempi and curly at least 1 to 2 min. Alas, the price of the book would have exploded view of the extra materials and extra cost of production that refuses Carisch preferring to propose methods to floor price.
-One regret about the progression of certain sections which sometimes lacks linearity. Sometimes we go from easy to more difficult without an intermediary, but it is not the case for all sections.
-The proportion a little too big for my taste in "finger accompaniment" knowing that the author, Yannick Robert is an expert fingerstyle (playing jazz fusion only with this technique).

Did you >>> tried many other models before buying it?
Yes, I taught for over 15 years and during that time I had a lot of other tested methods to my students. In the early years, including many I have used another method m ^ m author, Green Light at the Guitar which is far more restricted.

How do you >>> the price / quality ratio?
Good from my point of view because usually for such content, you must generally pay much more. To the extent any work in this area is really perfect, I think Guitar Generation is an excellent choice.

>>> With experience, you do again this choice? ...
To the extent that there is not really better in the marketplace, yes. For better, I'll have to stick to it and write my own method ... ;)

The best electric guitar lessons DVD (Gibson - Learn and Master Guitar DVD)

By surfy, 12/12/2011
The ultimate in terms of guitar lessons on DVD!
I use it for a year to train me on electric guitar (I have a basic electro-acoustic). I'm amazed by the quality of course: progressive, diverse, very clear.

Available only in English, but if you practice a bit, it's quite accessible U.S. (we understand).

I prefer to train alone at my own pace, and I must say it's great.
There is a set of 10 DVDs, a vigntaine lessons (real, with over several years, demo videos and video workshop, etc.).. There are also two DVD with music accompaniment.

Online courses I have tried often confused or very low quality. Otherwise it's the way with a teacher but it's not the same price. With the experience I would do that choice again!

For more information: (with video clip)

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