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User reviews on Guitar tuition/press products

eMedia Guitar Method (Emedia - Guitar Method v3.0)

By MGR/Mike Edwards, 06/05/2002
If you want to learn to play the guitar, get this course. Before using this course I had never even picked up a guitar. In a month, I was playing. Here it is 6 month later and I'm playing well enough to play with just about anybody. The course layout is logical and makes learning something you can't help but do.

Chords are introduced one or two at a time and each lesson builds on previous lessons so that what you learned early on in the course remains fresh in your mind. Couple that with the video of the author demonstrating various techniques, animated fretboard, chord finder (with a diagram and audio of the chord) and metronome and you have a great course that makes learning to play the guitar very easy. As with any learning tool, you have to want to learn and you have to practice. But, this course is a great tool to get you to playing a guitar.

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Emedia Guitar Method (Emedia - Guitar Method v3.0)

By MGR/Scott, 12/08/2004
$50 from

Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. I have made more progress in 2 weeks than I did in 3 months with books. And, 2 or 3 books will cost you as much. The program starts with easy chords, strumming patterns and simple songs. Then you progress to harder chords, rhythms and more complex songs. You actually play your guitar instead of practicing music notation as in books. You are well past lesson 100 before this program challenges you with music notation practice. Each new lesson consists of a video showing you proper chord position, a sound file so you can hear how it should sound, and a play along that can be set to any tempo you desire. The program allows you to replay any lesson, over and over. It’s like having your own personal instructor who is available any time. I wish Emedia Guitar had been my first purchase.

There is nothing I don't like about this program.

quality is great.

If you are a beginner, buy this program.

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°Schizophonic°'s review (Kamel Chenaouy - Guitar Maintenance Plus)

By °Schizophonic°, 13/02/2005
I also possde this book very comprehensive and highly useful !!!
I join the "review" prcdent and invites you also visit the author's website (

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