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Solution! - Reviews Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

Hi ;)

Today, we can make taken at any time.
There are more than 60 types of guitar and bass cabinets together
4 types of lamp mounting push + pull
8 microphones
Guitar & Bass Eq, Comp, Exiter ...
Control via USB interface
Loadbox updated with up to 150 watts.

Digital technology
Any kind of inputs and outputs (see product)

The manual is sufficient.

Config takes some time for the grip.
Different settings inter act with each other, rendering the desired application oriented thinking soundman. (Not insurmountable)

Control interface via USB (Edition) easy, memorable (100 bank) + 50 users
Opportunity to improve all with the following plugg suitable to open in multiple instances in the Daw.

The simuls firms are impressive, and updated regularly.
Recently we got pregnant at 16 Guitar & Bass Quality ..

The instrument through this machine wins of the body, it sings!
it is essential to play it, listen to and perform more especially taken to understand!
Rendering, it is the ears ...

The Torpedo VB101 is a formidable weapon of war, French ADDITION: 8)
I have taken the plunge this summer appointment taken OROSYS (Manufacturer) for a demo.

After testing the machine during an afternoon complete with some of my stuff away, I soon discovered rendering, and the most was going to bring me this product in terms of ergonomics.

The leader of the company is very responsive to users, the service is responsive.

Today, more problems taken any time.
There are more than 60 types of firms, to the account and Roro Kilo ...
4 types of lamp mounting push + pull
8 microphones
Eq, Comp, Exciter ...
Control via USB interface

I took the total plugg Bundle compatible with the possibility to rework this time in stereo speakers (Super)

To say that I had a strong a priori on the digital competition after testing, we have a guitarist play, a touch, an organic fiber, so difficult to feel with "virtual"
The game with a red bean, another blue, all FX pedals simultaneously, soft VSTI ...
Ultimately, there is not much in the pick.

The Kempler, not tried it, but it is said that the demo is made from a transplanted in the machine, or between the amp and simultaneously transplanted no great difference!
Listen to the sound coming directly from the amplifier, and then cloning into the single Kempler
The verdict?
Friendly Notice!

Other simulators HP means ...
There at least rendering is preserved to the maximum, and the sound is solid.

- Cons: I'm looking for ...
+ Advantages: everything!
Investment is important, of course, but in terms of how to put in work to get the report ...

To the accounts of the devices used
Nothing a good speaker and a good microphone,
I do not even speak the surrounding acoustic treatment!

PS: No profit, no endorsement for OROSYS ;)