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User Review

Anonymous's review - Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo VB-101

AC is used to replace your cabinet (there is an 8 Ohm load dconnectable or not) and microphone and preamp (and limit the converter of your sound card) the sound

it is the ideal thing for people who like the ease of POD but wants the character of the old (or new) amp LAmpe..le leilleur of 2 worlds will tell us

pan Guitar> Amp head lamp> torpedo (need your cabinet if you wish)> SPDIF or AES your sound card even low-end
(The advantage is that the torpedo converto excellent)

short very complete and professional connectors ..

it even has a compression style processing tools, effective stro..tres effect ..

the system is a very pushed convolution technology, in short it is too technical for moi..mais technology and simulationdepasse very widely convolutions classiquesutilisablent a PC.

The use is a breeze ... it's clear, friendly, baffles and micro their investment is very visual ..
again we can control the Rack via USB and end up with a very readable graphical interface on the PC ..

Variphi the parameter is very important..a paufiner to each mic placement ..

AWhen this is that if rgale,
used with headphones (AKG 171) .. I never took much fun playing and recording ..

ca respects the wheat from the choosing speakers / microphone allows to have a much more tense panel ..

al era despite the very good material mic / preamp / converter ... any sound recording made me spend a lot of time .. the weather was counted and the simple ided a stop in the middle of recording frustrated me ..dropoff window
Now I connect, I takes 10min chiadant background .. j ... saves the lendemin hop..mme parameters recorded and we have a homogeneous sound in the continuity of the previous day ..

Brief we focus on the music rather than on taking his technique ..

plus you listening in real time the sound "finished" so ca allows to settle his amp, gain, presence idalement..en more micro placement, choice of micro .. faudrai to do the same thing Classical Recording add 3 or 4 ing to each his assignment ..

It's simple it is the centerpiece of my studio room ..
finally sound jacks (head) ..
j gets a folly of his palier..mme without disturbing my neighbor with great gear with room'd never get anything as pro !!

plus I do today has only a JCM800 baffle 4X G12-65,
with topedo I have pltor baffles V30, PE50, c90, and even the greenback ..

in addition it has a soft to record the parameters of my real wood cabinet tree vintage ... so I can put my old JCM800 Lead speaker Vintage 1981 limps ... and to share with others User torpedo ... and vice versa .... Genial !!

Two notes namely that offers us a new speaker each month .. it's like when we like to pay ca grave every month !!

short, very cheap compar has the tool sum available