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Orange Guitar Combo Amplifiers

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User reviews on Guitar Combo Amplifiers Orange products

Orange Crush 30R (Crush 30R)

By MGR/Student Q, 19/12/2007
I have been a muscician for 9 years and I have been playing the guitar for the last year. I was looking for a reasonably priced beginners practice amp and this one caught my eye.

I bought my Crush from GAK for £119 after having looked around for some time comparing amps, prices and the like at different websites and stores. The orange amp satisfied all the needs I had at the particular time, size, wattage, two channels etc.

The Crush30R has 30 watts of pure tonal power. Compared to the similar priced amps my friends own mine blows most of theirs away. The sound quality is excelent, with the crystal clear reverb unbroken all the way up to full volume. 30 watts gives you loads of volume and drive so I usually don't practice above volume 1, although for performance it cranked up to the top. This amp was made to be played loud.

It didn't come with a foot pedal for the channel switch. The pedal is an optional extra which I think could have been added into the package at little change in price.

The construction is solid and the body is made from chip board, a strong and cheap material. I believe that the orange designed speaker is the same as the nes in their cabs. I like the orange cover and basket weave grill cloth. The amp looks atractive and is built to withstand everyday punishment and rehearsals.

I love my Crush. It has everything an affordable practice amp needs and the tone and sound quality is incredible in this price range. This is another feather in Oranges unshakeable reputation for quality.

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Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush (CR6S Stereo Micro Crush)

By MGR/Billy, 20/05/2011
Hey this is a review for the new CR6S Stereo Micro Crush Pix by Orange amplifiers. It is a lean, mean, not green, but orange rather, fighting machine.

I write a guitar blog and was offered the amp by Orange to check out. Have someone mail you an amp to crank up for a few days? Certainly! Brand new these are $89.

<a href=""></a>

It's compact. It is 6 watts of power into 2 4 inch speakers. It has a built in tuner, strap buttons on the side and an aux input with adjustable volume knob to allow you to rock out to your favorite tunes. It also has a headphone jack and a line out.

Since it is a tiny, tiny amp the box or speakers really cannot product a ton of power. The amp really shines as a solo go anywhere practice amp or it is also a ton of fun to mic up.

There is a power supply available but of course that is sold separately. That is sort of a bummer.

The amp is covered in the classic orange tolex and tan basket weave grill cloth that Orange amplifiers are known for. It's lightweight, probably no more than 4 pounds. It can be powered by 2 nine volt batteries or a separate 18 volt power supply.

Bottom line is this amp if fun. Don't expect to rip down walls, but it makes a great practice tool.

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[Musikmesse] Orange launches the Rockerverb mkIII

Published on 04/18/15
Orange Amps unveils at Musikmesse the third generation of its Rockerverb guitar amps, wich features three 50W and 100W heads and a 50W combo.

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