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User Review

CompRosseur - Reviews Analog Man Compressor 2 Knob

Ross type compressor reproduced by Analogman. This is a painted gray hammered painting artisan housing and which contains the circuit and a housing for the battery. The circuit is a replica of the Ross circuit with the components that are needed. Transistors and integrated passive components quality circuit. Trimp internal adjustment pot.


A button for the output volume and a button for the volume of sustain. Simple settings for easy use. A compressor is used to make more equal sounds, depending on the setting to avoid too large variation between chording and solo playing.


The compressed sound is virtually unchanged, or more colorful, or warmer, unlike a MXR, for example. This pedal can also be used as a booster. A red LED lights on activation. I use it with my guitar when I need to tie the output volume. The sound is slightly enriched nonetheless.


I use this pedal for 5 years, no particular problem. Choose a compressor can be time consuming because as for pedal fuzz or distortion, we find a lot. In Analogman there is a dual release, Ross and MXR, for those who really do not get to choose.
The quality / price is fair but customs fees become prohibitive, and personally, even though I love this brand, I am now back on other brands, except that French products are scarce.