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User Review

To tame - Reviews Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

Standard compressor compatible guitar and bass.

Input / output, and standard 9V supply.

Very solid, as always the case for Boss

Placed at the beginning of string for me.


Operation is simple priori. I say a priori because as always, 4 knobs to turn around and set played.

The challenge is to find what we seek. For my part, I put a lot of time to understand how this pedal would come in handy.

At first I was very disappointed with the job she was doing and turned me follows. But one fine day, rewiring my pedalboard, I redo the tests. And finally I found my account and I used it as a boost coupled with a BD-2. Frankly, in this configuration the sound is excellent and boosts the signal as I want.

So finally, the use is not simple at all and editing is difficult when you have a clear idea.


For me, the pedal does its job, and has found its place in the pedalboard. I will replace probably out by a Wampler Ego Compressor but it is not for now.


Finally, I actually use it for 3 months.

The value for money is incomparable to the price of the occasion. I think this is a good pedal when you are in search of his own sound.

With experience and the current means I remake this choice