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User Review

Very well with my passive bass. - Reviews Electro-Harmonix Black Finger

For specifications, I leave it to you to see on the site EHX.


Configuration is very simple, you can easily find the desired sound.
the manual is minimalist but we do not need.


I use this pedal directly between my jass bass Squier VM (crel microphones) or my Cort B4 FL and my amp head (TC electronic BH250) and 410 Ashdown ABM 115 coupled to an ABM.

Compression is effective without much "pump effect", provided not to push down.
I mainly use the lamp mode, the pre and post gain noon.
In addition to the compression, this brings the pedal and a heat gain to the sound, without fundamentally changing thereof.
a slight overdrive is felt when pushed gains a background, it is not what I want but it can be interesting.

Even with my passive bass directly plugged this pedal, I have no hiss or background noise mentioned in some reviews.


I use it for about 15 days.
As usual with EHX, it looks solid.
What I like least is its size, weight and power supply dedicated ... but as I do not have 36 effects, ca happens.

I used a multicomp EBS before, which I found very (too) transparent. BF offers a real plus to the sound.