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User Review

High quality - Reviews Empress Effects Compressor

Empress Effects has a compressor pedal 100% analog handmade in Canada.
Comes with instructions in English and mostly sticker empress effect.
True bypass
9 or 18V


ratio 2/1, 4/1, 10/1


This robust housing sector is supplied only on (and yes you will need a power supply). But beware it can be plugged in 9V 18V but that is a huge plus for a compressor pedal.
It has three types of ratio (to choose a more or less strong compression): Light 2:1, 4:1 normal, 10:1 high.
It has an attack control (switching speed 50us - 50ms) and release (speed of return to its normal 50ms - 1 sec).
A huge advantage is the control mix for mixing the signal with the compressed normal signal in parallel, This will keep a little, a lot or not at all sound like it was before the treaty by the compression.
And like most high quality compressor and above rack can be adjusted precisely its treatment through the system LED which indicates the input level, compression and interaction of both.


What can I say except: Transparency, not breathing or buzz, is very good at her job.


For the model tested and bought No. 89 I can say that this pedal is very high quality, very transparent and above all not doing his job only half done. I had several back on the compressor, they have been all very positif.Pour me this is one of the best compressor pedal on the market today but beware it is a transparent compressor, it does not color the sound at all . So those looking for a compressor that adds a color other pedals it ia much more appropriate.

To retain the Empress compressor: 9 or 18V
Control mix
High quality
Use of guitar and bass
Give stickers (well what? ...)