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User Review

Good compressor - Reviews Harley Benton Dyna Compressor

Value For Money : Excellent
This is an analog compressor with three settings: volume, compression and sustain (which actually corresponds to the time during which each note is compressed).
The case is metal and the pedal feels solid.
No fault visible construction.
As to the aesthetic (white scorpion on a green background) each judge ... but for the price I was not looking too ...


The use is very simple and does not hesitate to "push" the settings to hear a difference in the sound reproduction; but after a moment the slightest movement induces a change (maybe this is due to the choice of component?) it can be seen as a lack of efficiency or quality but for my part I got used to and it suits me to use that I have.


The pedal is highly transparent and does not color the sound. Some may see a downside, in my case I consider it as an advantage.
One must keep in mind that this pedal is not intended to add sustain.
From there, the pedal is pretty good (very good even if we take into account the price).
I use it mainly to "balance" the sound levels (avoid loss of signal splittant the humbuckers or bring out all the notes at the same volume for example). Sometimes it also helps me to "erase" the differences of attack of the strings, which brings a certain rhythmic see some leads.
It could also serve as a boost, but I do not have that use.
I personally have not heard of any unwanted noise for use (maybe the build quality is random and I was lucky with my model).


As stated in the previous opinion: it is a good analog compressor but never a sustainer. We must know to avoid disappointment ...
It is very neutral (in the sense that it does not color the sound) in my case that's what I wanted.
For the price (under 30 euros) I think it can hardly be disappointed and not get any better, so this is an excellent price / quality ratio.