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User Review

Ultimate ... - Reviews Jam Pedals Dyna-ssoR

Analog compressor at JAM Pedals, Pedal True Bypass, hand painted, lifetime warranty (it does not care of our mouths) by the manufacturer, to supply 9V. Delivered in his cardboard box JAM with colorful fabric bag to protect your pedal is awesome.

The pedal is superb, the next hand-painted spring when we see small paint defects which personally makes me warm inside because we feel that it is the "real thing."
True Bypass is nickel, the thing is solid, perfect bah!


2 knobs: Sustain and Level. It's simple the Sustain knob adjusts the compression level and volume. The plug provided with explains everything with a small diagram of the pedal is the shortest book and the best I've seen! So it's very simple, very effective, so 10/10.


So there ... It's PARADISE !!! Basically I bought it to play funk and makes it sublime ALL. No kidding, it's magic! It's warm, organic, and super music.

To funk it's simple you become Nile Rodgers in 2 seconds as long as you have simple coil pickups.

For the blues? Bah that you add dynamic, color subtly, so yay.

And what is more straight bah you win sustain sick.

I use an Ibanez lawsuit Strat 76 and honestly it hard severe denture. She walks on any amp, transistor or lamps.

And you know what? When you push the knob sustain the pedal a little breath and that's less cool but actually supplied with the unit record warns that it is therefore normal 10/10 because the only notable fault is indicated.


I've had two weeks and my sound has changed! That's really what I wanted. Yet I have tried a few compressors as Warden of EQD is not hot enough, the MXR Dyna-Comp (vintage and modern) that blows too much, Keeley Compressor is too cold and the SP Custom home that Xotic not too convinced.
I'm in love with the look and the universe opens it for me! Sure 200 balls pedal is a bit pricey but considering the quality I think keep sooooo long.
In hindsight? I would do without hesitation that choice even if the price may discourage.