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2 Knobs of Glory - Reviews Keeley Electronics Compressor

This is a compressor for guitar made by Keeley. It's a very basic pedal but it's tone is so good that it's become a highly sought after unit. It's a completely analog pedal with no digital elements, and because of that the pedal cannot be edited on a computer, and also can't be MIDI controlled. It's got 1/4" input and output as well as a 9V power supply (could also run on a battery, 9V).


This is a really basic pedal to use. There are two knobs which are marked S and L. These letters stand for Sustain and Level, and basically mean Compression and Output for those of you who are used to different terms. While some might be put off by a compressor that is so limited (pardon the pun), there isn't really much more need for more knobs with a compressor like this. The ratios and settings are set perfectly with this and there's a lot of variety to be had in terms of sound.


This is one of the best compressors I've ever used on guitar. It's great because it provides the guitar with incredible sustain. If you've got a great tone but you can't keep your dynamics up, this is one of the best ways to fix that problem. It's got a nice creamy sustain that is ultra smooth and doesn't really weaken the sound of your playing as much as smooth it out and kick it up a notch or two. I really like it for that reason. I'd certainly recommend it more to people who play a lighter style of music, like country, blues, or light folk-rock as opposed to a punk or metal band. It's too smooth for those types and doesn't provide much crunch.


A lot of country players will use this, and it's gotten rave reviews across the board. It's a great mild compressor, it's super transparent and has a great sound. It's about 200 dollars so it's a little pricey but if you are playing this kind of music that stuff is crucial. There's really not many other compressors that are so nice and transparent. I've played quite a few compressors as well as used studio compression, and I'd say that the only one that came close to being as transparent as those was this one. Overall I'd have to highly recommend it.