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User Review

moosers's review - Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

The Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor is a compression pedal for electric guitar, and is one with a super smooth sound. It's an analog pedal that has the standard configuration for a pedal, with 1/4" jacks for input and output and also a nine volt power supply jack in addition to a nine volt battery compartment. It isn't going to be rack mountable in any form as it's a stomp box.


It isn't hard to use the Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor in my opinion, as everything is more or less self explanatory. The three parameters that it has are knobs for level, compression, and tone. It also has a switch to choose between either a compression or sustain mode. I haven't had a look at a manual for this pedal.


Whether you're using the Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor in sustain or compression mode, it really sounds smooth and clean. It's designed for either electric guitar or bass guitar, but I've only used it with electric guitar. I client brought in a handful of Mad Professor pedals including this one, using a Fender Telecaster and our Fender Pro Reverb, and the combination was virtually unstoppable. This pedal is great for getting a few different types of compression tones. For rhythm guitars it's awesome for getting a little bit of crunchy and compactness for super clean and tight rhythm parts, while for leads the sustain mode is incredible for getting some endless sustain for your lead parts.


As far as I'm concerned, the Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor pedal is as good as just about any other guitar compressor out there. It excels across the board and for getting all sorts of different compressed guitar sounds. It's also cool that it is also designed for bass guitar. The price is definitely not making this the cheapest option out there, but if you want high quality like this you're going to have a pay a bit more. If you're using a lot of compression live or in the studio on your guitar, it's definitely worth it to spend a few extra bucks on one of the best guitar compressors out there.