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Pump, not even gypsy ...

By Xavy, 13/06/2014
For this section see the manufacturer's website.


THE general configuration is simple, the knobs are a bit small, but it is a compact pedal.

The manual is clear, there are examples of use.

Editing sounds is done by moving the knobs, just listen to what happens.


What shocked me with this guitar pedal use, it is the effect of own compressors pump is the only thing I managed to make it out clearly in "normal" use (even with presets or manual presets "logical" compared to my hardware).
So I've used mostly pushed into overdrive, before buying a real overdrive pedal.

I played this pedal between my guitar (Gretsch Electromatic, EDR470 ibanez, gretsch white falcon) and my amp (marshall 1959 Vox AC15), then I realized the obvious: I did not need a compressor, so I sold it.


I used about a year.

It was my first compressor, the only one I buy in the future will be a genuine universal audio compressor for studio use (nothing to do with the guitar so).

I did not like much on the compressor, if not the lesson of not buying pedals at random.

Level value, it's probably good for those who need a slightly lower compressor range to become familiar with the basic features of a compressor after it should not expect miracles.

What has used ??

By Xavy, 14/11/2013
priori, it is a compressor sustainer.

I think it is analog but vrifier. Knobs for rgler DIFFERENT parameters.

Level connections, a two jacks between an output and that's it.


aa priori looks simple, an effects pedal with 3 knobs ...

The manual is clearly insufficient, it does not quite Business detail the utility of the thing.

At the edition of sounds, taking rglages manual, there is nothing, impossible to have something musical, and even in rglant in ttonnant, in fact I think it's completely inadapt my conception of music.


So, if I remember correctly, compression, has used have a homognis output level to the level of the source (we play strong or weak it always comes out medium). In fact has had no interest because a prevents any nuance in the game.

Basically when I used it, or has did nothing, too c'tait and got along, attacks sounding not at all natural, and "reinflate" after just too weird for me .dropoff window

I have used with electrical and electro-acoustic guitars, on the advice of a friend bluesman but c'tait a stupidity, silver jet through the window.


I used three months to try to do something vaguely a distortion when pushed background, but not at all musical. I managed to sell a grandpa on a flea market, phew, I could rcuprer something ...

I will never compressor tries, we must learn grate his right hand it's really effective !!

I'll never have to buy a.


By enricoznn, 03/01/2012
What are the effects, or types of effects available?
Compression, boost volume
What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
I think analog
Are they edited? Via an editor Mac / PC?

Is this a pattern rack or rack?


The general configuration is it simple?
Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Not need


The effects are they effective, appropriate and realistic enough?

Which instruments do you use?
Start US
Which ones you prefer, you hate?
This is a compressor that does not blow even at high volume and respects the color of the sound of the instrument


How long have you use it?
1 month
What is so special that you love the most, least?
It takes a sick and sustain an amp with lights still on guard of the dynamics
The least is that it eats a lot of her, so as not to lose volume it is necessary to put the volume to 3 hours, but not even a breath almost no background
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
How would you rate the quality / price?
25 euros is secondhand gift
With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Without doubt, in this price range I think that we can find a comp with the quality and robustness

compression only

By yoTrakkz, 29/11/2011
This is a Compression pedal only. They say compression/sustainer, but sustain is a standard option on a compression pedal. I believe this is all analog. There are no visible digital parts at least. This is not editable through a computer. Its is 1/4" audio only, and no it is not rackable in the traditional sense (as in you would have to mount on a drawer, then rack that).


The general setup on most stomp boxes is pretty simple, and this one is no different. The idea is finding a balance between the sustain and the attack. I would start my setting the attack first, and then playing with the sustain until it sounds just right. My only problem was I never found that tone I was looking for.
Its very easy to edit the boss pedals because all of the options are labeled and adjustable by a dial. That is the beauty of these pedals, they are exceptionally easy to use and therefore great for beginners.


Pair this one up with just about any other compressor out there and you will hear what I am talking about. Its not very transparent. Every time I clicked it on I noticed a reduction in the good tone coming out of my Parker Nitefly.


I used this pedal for about 4 months. I promptly sold it and purchased one of the finest compression pedals on the market. The Analogman Bi-compressor (check out my review on that). There really isn't anything good about this pedal. The worst thing about this pedal, besides the tone reduction, is when using it live, I would click it on and loose about 25% of my volume. I would crank that level parameter up and still nothing. I couldn't figure it out. Sometimes it wouldn't drain as much volume, but overall it was never consistent. Sometimes transparent (in regards to volume) and sometimes if was like someone turned down my amp. This was my first compression pedal and I bought it on a whim off of ebay. After doing lots of research I found the Analogman Bi comp and was very happy when I got it.
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