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Maxon CP101 Compressor Reissue

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Hotfirecaster's review

By Hotfirecaster, 15/03/2007
For specifications, everything has been said, it's a solid pedal and simple, and eclectronique inside is beautifully finished, we see that it's good stuff. Compressor rather popular with those who want to respect the original sound of their guitar. More Maxon is an excellent brand that manufactured, among others in the 80's the famous Ibanez TS808 to the delight of collectors, and the misfortune of their bank accounts ...


I use this compressor with my Stratocaster mainly, and connected to a tube amp. Two buttons are enough settings to what suits me well because you do not spend hours turning the knobs before getting a good sound. The manual also offers some configuration settings nice.


So as has been said is a pedal that is really quiet, and this is what I like about her, she is full of finesse, not color the signal hardly original, but it just gives compression and it takes the sound is clearer, seems better defined without pay in the demonstrative and the vulgar ... At the limit it happen almost not to notice that there is a fact, if we said no. Not that this pedal does not his job, but rather it does, but without showing off.


I love this pedal, OCCAZ bought for half its new value, the case was not to be missed, I have no complaints except that it is small and therefore not necessarily hyper stable when playing (but it's a detail). If it again even if I redeem to pay full price.

great compression

By yoTrakkz, 29/11/2011
This is one of my favorite compression pedals out there. It's a relatively simple pedal, but it will cover a broad spectrum of good-sounding compression. There aren't any modern additions to this thing, it's pretty old and usually hard to find. No MIDI, no audio ins/outs, and no computer editing.


The editing of these effects couldn't be simpler. There are only two knobs on it. I've lately gotten more into pedals like this, I tend to think the lack of too many precise controls is liberating. That being said, you better know exactly how it's going to sound with your setup, because it's not exactly the most versatile thing in the world. It's simply a question of really knowing whether or not this is going to work.


It's got a great sounding compression that really brings one back the old days. There's a point where I realized the reason I wasn't very good at getting jazz tones, live and in the studio, was because I didn't have the right setup. A barely-there helping of compression can help correct this issue for many people. It should never squash the dynamics forcefully, but if it minimizes the distracting elements of a flubbed not or a volume discrepancy. I think this is a great choice, mainly for jazz and blues, and perhaps some country although I haven't used it in that context.


I definitely like the real tame quality of this compressor. I don't always need my compressor to squash everything I own. This is actually better for just getting a little more sustain and evening things out a little bit. It's really expensive, and it's mostly good for jazz blues and light rock, so I'm thinking, demographically speaking, most interested buyers are either going to be older amateurs (with other jobs), or pros. Either way, probably a good investment. I think rocker kids should avoid it, for there is not much for those kinds of players here.

A good mid-range

By Dominique Le Bars, 28/11/2013
Good Q / P ratio in secondhand


1 entry
1 output,
we should draw


Amp lamp and 3 guitars but not simultaneously.
I write this review to give just a precision:
The quality of this compressor is good throughout.
However, it tends once engaged to a little dirty acute spectrum.
Probably the average quality components that alter the definition somewhat.
Nothing huge 'but it must be said if you are demanding.
Correction upstream will do it no big deal.
In clean / crunch that is less visible in distortion,
but I repeat: Nothing very serious.
The function of a compressor being of the dynamic trim, it is normal probalement
that the patch is in a slightly altered to its output.
I just wonder if this is the case in high-end products.


I use it for a while for different styles (jazz, blues, rock, pop)
Overall accept pretty much other friends:
Overdrive, tube screamer,

Adrimed's review

By Adrimed, 22/05/2009
Compressor Maxon 100% analog.

Powered via battery / 9 volts sector.
True bypass, LED powering.
Between 1, 1 output jacks.
2 knobs sustain / level.
Small pedal a little too lightweight. (Aluminum is not heavy!)


Using very simple!
Level is the output volume of the effect but also acts as a booster.
A 1/3 is equivalent roughly to the volume without effect.
Sustain is defined dose the compression ratio but personally I've never felt acting like a!
I will say that once the effect Switch-on the compression rate is already fixed, sustain Lighten allows compression, but remains very lightweight, the knob is not really very soft!
So basically little rglage, the easiest way is to put all background then meter the volume the amp!


Sound quality at the rendezvous, Maxon delivers!
As everyone knows, this compressor is quite subtle, with a fairly low compression rate, but really very transparent and musical, no breath.
The first time I Switch-on I heard nothing, I thought it was dfectueux! Actually not at all, we must learn to know, at the same time it is very easy!

I recommend particulirement to play arpge, nails or acoustic.


I possd this compressor for 1 year and then resold for something more versatile.
With the experience I would advise no problem, but do not be surprised the first time that you switch on, it's a pro setup that comes into its own!
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  • Series:Reissue
  • Category:Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 05/23/2005

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