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User Review

A DBX underfoot - Reviews Maxon CP9Pro+ Compressor

Analog compressor, made in Japan by a brand known for the quality of its pedals. The settings are on-no-maybe more classical Threshold / Ratio / Gain, the pedal is in the format "BOSS" housing for battery, 9V power plug connectors Jack 6.35mm and a big switch to turn on / turn off the effect with your foot! A large red LED will indicate whether the effect is ON, another, smaller, we give the reduction of the signal, ie the pedal acts as a limiter. The notice states that the voltage is doubled (18V) and the compressor is like DBX, when we know the will of DBX compressors (including the 160A, it's very simple there PAROUT: vocals, bass The battery ...). Finally the pedal Tru Bypass is possible to disconnect the power supply, the signal is not interrupted. The features are perfect, there was a DBX compressor with manufacturing quality MAXON can not wait to plug it ....


Operation is simple for those who have used compressors, torque Threshold / Ration to adjust the compression ratio, the Gain to Boost or attenuate the signal. Classic and effective settings ... it can be a sustain, or release, but again lack the idea of ​​maxon DBX160 is to make a pedal format, so in that spirit that's great.


Sound quality? There are none. I m explains. This kind of effect it's signal processing and no coloring or creating ambiance. Depending on the settings the sound will be louder or longer or clearer. Maxon is transparent: the strat sounds like a strat (funky casseroles, or rhythmic way delay the Edge), the 12-string Rickenbacker will swarm harmonic, a highly compressed solo on Les Paul with endless sustain or how Gary Moore Santana ... Anyway uses are manifold but NEVER alter the personality of your guitar, so much so that we often feel that it is useless. Efficient and transparent, that is what we are asking this kind of pedal.


I built my Pedal Board three years ago (Tuner> Comp> Wha> Tubescreamer> Delay), it is undoubtedly one of the Top 5 essential effects for me. I tried the compressor / limiter BOSS, Electroharmonix, Behringer ... hum! Without wishing to be unkind, it does have anything to do. With Maxon, sound approaches the studio compressors kind DBX 160A or 5051 TLAudio course three times more expensive than a Boss, it's difficult for a novice but when you try to create a chain effect carefree , transparent and efficient, you will not regret your € 220. My opinion: expensive but essential, excellent pedal, I regret not having to buy earlier.