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User Review

Negraval's review - Maxon CP9Pro+ Compressor

Compressor which priori rglages are entirely conventional:
- 1 knob for the threshold
- 1 knob for the ratio
- 1 knob for gain
All are prcis trs and effective, with an exceptional dynamic due to the DC-DC converter that mounts the supply voltage of 18V internal modules that quickly even while distorting rgime high.
When the collection's outdoor appearance Well it's really tough. Maxon It's been what?


Easy to use and the rglage is like all compressors, each got her, except that with the sr we find a rglage's got.
The manual is very simple and totally unnecessary when we know what are the knobs and that we spend time to test its config.


While the !!!!!!!! is top notch.
Having tried and possd DIFFERENT compressors in the form of pedals, not the worst of its kind Jacques Fat Burner and other (I will not speak of very poor Boss CS-3 ...) Well it is the best I had up Submitted.
Sr Although it is more expensive, but worth it!
The sound is absolutely not dnatur. Whether cleans sounds with a Start or a very distorted exca Vigier, it respects the sound of the guitar and that's the point where it is far ahead of others.
In addition, almost total absence of breath when you stay within the limits of reasonable gain.


It's been two days that I have and really I do not regret my purchase.
Of default, I have not found him except the price, but if I compare with others I've tried (Marshall, Boss and many others ...) or possder (Jacques) Well qualitprix report is quite correct.
Before buying it I had tried in mag. on a different gear than mine and he had a bluff but it worked on my confirm installation.
Top j'vous said!