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MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compressor

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Hard to do without

By ThibautGPP, 14/08/2014
RAS, everything is stated in other reviews. Simple, unbreakable, simple and effective.


The config is in itself could not be more simple, with only two knobs. on the other hand, each setting gives a specific sound, we must take the time to master the craft. I guess this is the case for compressors in general.


I personally love. The sound is slightly colored effect, which I find very flattering. It brings a little je ne sais quoi in the midrange without crushing the rest of the spectrum, slap!

I use it primarily with output at 5am and sensitivity at 8:00. Without compressing too, we gain much in sustain and despite everything "plop" feature I love attacking the strings means well. To illustrate, we're really in the spirit of the intro to Under The Bridge, or solo Another Brick In The Wall.

I play a strat equipped with EMG SA and did quasimment longer needs my EHX freeze so the chords are longssss. For solos like indie-rock-blues, dyna comp does wonders to bring relief to his game, including offering high ghost notes, mutes or natural harmonics.

Coupled with a TS-like (in my case the EHX East River Drive), it really is a killer: it is in the grain of the intro to "which of us two," or pushing a little gain, the solo of "late night" (foals).

I hope these examples give an idea of ​​the different types of sounds to pull the pedal!


I discovered this pedal with the world of compression (I did toy with the compressors before multi effects or computer music "basic", it has nothing to do). Without having tried other models, so I am unable to compare or judge the pedal compared to others.

For my game, it's top and really matches my expectations. I find it perfect for sounds a bit more fluid and crados frusciantien or gilmourien type solos. on the other hand, it strikes me as ill-suited to shred and metal.

€ 85 ... well that's the price of a pedal what! I think it's worth. It stings to drop a ticket for a fun effect less than others at first, but your sound will come out really transcended!


By NicoBraunschweig, 25/08/2013
Pure and simple compression.


Two pots, one that "pushes" the bottom and one that compresses the top. Stupid, no frills.


A new life began the day I tried the compressor first. I do not even think resell CS3, the fear of being a scam.


I changed my tune by this comp CS3 dynamic, and I finally know what is a real compressor ... I regret not having bought it earlier.


By Depresso, 28/05/2013
MXR quality, super strong. I bought mine OCCAZ (she has apparently lived before) and I find it very very soft knobs, I'm always afraid of brushing and blow up the settings. I do not know if this is the case or the latest new models.


There is always a moment galley before finding the right settings (like any compression eventually) but once seated it's all good. What must be used.


The comp itself is great, perfectly suited to what I wanted. Fun to play stoner / doom, I was looking for the comp to accompany my fuzz with good sustain and erase my attack when I play with a pick. Nickel from this point of view. Note that it is not transparent, it adds a little color that does not displease me, but that may hinder certain.


I use it for almost a year now. I love MXR still an excellent price / quality ratio when looking for a quality product without breaking the bank too much. A small flat on the cowardice of knobs, to check if it is still relevant or just mine.

Bought € 70 OCCAZ, I'm not disappointed and I hope to keep it a while :)

The good compressor!

By Linn Sondek, 01/05/2013
Analog compression effect.
Robust housing with classic MR.


A knob volume level, one for the level of effect: hard to easy.
Manuel useless.
As always with MXR, catalog and Dunlop brand effects and other documents.


Indeed both effective and musical: the hallmark of MXR!
Used at the beginning of the chain with various Les Paul and Stratocaster.


This pedal has been one of the very first (Phase 90 with the Disto +, the big Muff and Small Clone: ​​in almost exactly the pedals that I had in my early youth) that I learned when I got rid of my Cyber ​​Deluxe and my multi-effects. Needless to say how much the gap is huge, in terms of musicality, between the compressor and what has a multi-purpose.
What characterizes this pedal, as indeed throughout the MXR range is above all his great musicality and class. Yes, to my taste, there's class, distinction in the MXR effects!
Everyone here knows what is and what a compressor, it is not necessary to return.
I most often used for fluidity that provides solo and therefore sustain. Like any compressor, and of course depending on the settings, it can erase the lead attack and I particularly appreciate the fact that close violoning he is able to get, especially since we play with fingers .
It allows me to get that one of the pedals that I owned and loved especially gave me the Roland Slow Gear (reprinted by Boss), alas found today. But it is of course much more versatile.
This pedal is at ease with any type of distortion, overdrive or fuzz. And I love all these combinations. It provides endless sustain with a Big Muff and humbuckers.
I have since acquired Vintage Reissue, even better, but carefully preserved.
A great product.
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  • Model:M102 Dyna Comp Compressor
  • Category:Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 05/15/2006

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