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2 limited editions of the Cali76

Origin Effects has launched two special editions of its Cali76 compressor pedal with NOS Germanium transistors limited to 100 units each.

The Cali-76 Germanium retains the characteristics of the original pedal, but it features Class A output stage with NOS germanium transistors for more harmonics and saturation. You can control this part of the signal path from a knob located on the rear of the pedal between the connectors.

This version is available for £339 / $464.


If you want more power and versatility, the Cali76-G-P features the same Class A germanium transistor circuit, and Origin Effects also added the Boost and parallel circuit from the Cali76-TX-P, another limited edition that was released last year.

You’ll find on the left side of the pedal a second footswitch to add up to 9 dB of clean boost, a knob for the headroom and another one for the boost level.

The Parallel function is handled by the dry level with which you’ll blend the dry and compressed signals again, so you’ll get both compression of the pedal and playing dynamics and expressiveness.

This limited edition retails for £439 / $599.

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