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User Review

Simple, effective and very cheap (like what is possible) - Reviews Palmer Compressor

Value For Money : Excellent
It is an analog pedal true bypass, classic jack connectors, power supply 9V battery or Alim classic boss.


The configuration of the pedal is extremely simple: three knobs (sustain, and attack level.
This pedal allows for 'compress' the dynamics of the output of your bass to obtain a sound with more body, presence, and a substain longer. Pedal provides a warmer sound, and this extended.

By placing the potentiometer Level 100% obtained a slight distortion, its pleasant heat - which is more than a 'simple' compressor. The PAD switch allows to adapt the electronics to the signal level of any bass, passive or active.

The manual ... I think there is one, I did not pay attention; the pedal is connected and cheek. Adjustment to the ear is very easy, because of the simplicity of the pedal.


The sound is great, very transparent but the compression is effective. There is a small addition of brilliance in the sound, but I personally like a lot. I tried 2 other compressors in more upscale (EBS and TC Electronics) and frankly, I prefer the Palmer!
I play on an amp Eden WT-300 and a box SWR Triad, but my bass is a RBX 274, so nothing special. The sound is insane!
I put a 9 instead of a 10 for the aesthetic that could be a little more sought after but hey, when you play, you do not look at his feet continuously ...

A short video is worth a thousand words, here's a quick link if you have 4-5 minutes ...


I use it since last week, I tried 2 others as mentioned above, and I do not regret my choice. I did not break my piggy bank (53 euros new!) And I am delighted with the compression I get. I would do this choice without hesitation and recommend this pedal for everyone! A bassist friend also tried it and I think he now regrets having bought another for 130 euros OCCAZ to boot!