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User Review

Postmortem's review - T-Rex Engineering Comp-Nova

So the compressor t-rex comp nova is ... a compressor! =)

frankly not good already ... good solid metal box.
Light and not too big ... cool!
can be connected to the mains (a universal power supply works without prob ') or battery ... no worries!

input and output jacks in ... surprisingly the same time ^ ^


manual exists but is only there to make you understand that you are smart enough to do without .. .. not serious are three button ...

a compression set power compression
an attack to set the trigger time of the compressor ... more attack is high over the uncompressed signal will be before the coming into operation of the compression.

the level increases the volume of which make this an excellent boost pedal!


I use it along with the boost electro-harmonix LPB-1 and EBS valvedrive all on a Markbass Little Mark 3.

my bass is a Warwick Corvette 5 string active and I also play with a corvette fretless.

compression is terrible and especially you keep the sound of your bass! ... nothing to do with toy boss (CS-3) in which plastoc supercharged sound and color like crazy ... this remains my personal opinion.

I say that I use in two courses death metal ... no worries ca do his job!


Value for money yet to see ... I've had less than a week but has already take two Repeat '. Until it's good ... but I'll make a edit '

in any case completely satisfied, good stuff pro ... go for it!