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User Review

Very good product. - Reviews T-Rex Engineering Comp-Nova

Analog compressor for guitar and bass (at least I use it for bass).
Three knobs: Level Compression, Volume and "Attack" (time to effect action for more attacks).

What more?


Very simple configuration. No need a manual to use it (or so should be continued ...)
Therefore its very easy to obtain.
My only complaint concerns the switch that I would not try to rush.
Nevertheless, the pedal seems sturdy, a good piece of metal.


Indeed very effective, 99% of the time connected with the bass (the mere protection of the loudspeaker to a true compression for its "dry").
Used 75% of the time especially with the guitar in his clear rhythms.
Very little breath, a true pleasure.


Very satisfactory for almost 4 years.
Some kind of models tested Digitech (a lot of hiss and noise) and EBS (good but a bit pricey).

I would not change that for a tube compressor but for the price, not found.