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Excellent - Reviews T-Rex Engineering ToneBug Sustainer

Value For Money : Excellent
Pedal hybrid that cleverly blends the effect of compression / limiter to slightly compress the highest levels and enhance the lowest, to allow a longer sustain.
It thus gives you a beautiful natural tone to maintain the effect of solos, the long-term agreements or to keep your suspended its (feedback effect insured).

9 volt analog true bypass


very simple in its controls with two knobs and a mini switch

the first pototentiometre COMP will determine how the sound is compressed and the second SUST will fix the rate at which the compressed audio will return to its original level.

The mini-switch serves as a switch between Rabbit and Turtle.En it clear control and determined attack.

In Turtle compression gradually applies the pick strikes the strings is defined by a top note, and the compression gently snaps over and naturally.
Rabbit in the effects is so instantané compression is committed as soon as the pick hitting the strings


Nothing to say this is the T-Rex


by comparison I can say that it is much better than the Boss cs3.

Very good value for money, robust in color Cheap.