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User Review

Falls short of expectations - Reviews TC Electronic HyperGravity

Value For Money : Poor Audience: Anyone
Just got this pedal yesterday. I immediately noticed the level knob does nothing until turned past 9 o-clock then comes on abruptly. I was finally able to get a decent compression from it. It's quiet for a compressor, but it negatively affects the treble (maybe that's why). It cuts out so much treble, it kills the chime of my Strat guitar through my Mesa amp so switching it off and on as needed while playing is not going to be acceptable. I am in general a TC fan having the TC Corona Chorus and absolutely love my TC Arena reverb pedal. Maybe I just got a lemon, I don't know. Also, in fairness to TC, I have not yet tried updating or changing the Toneprint, but my first impressions are disappointing. Again the 2 factors being the treble cut, and the level knob.