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User Review

Essential ...! - Reviews Wampler Pedals Ego compressor

This is an analog compressor pedal if I'm not mistaken. 1 input and 1 output jack, possibility of power by 9v battery or external power supply or by classical.
Settings: Blend, volume, tone, attack and sustain. The particularity of this compressor is its setting blend which injects compressed sound of the original sound that does not distort your sound and remains natural.


The pedal is very easy to use, comes in a cardboard box, the pedal is packed in a bag-white fabric like any self-respecting Wampler pedal with his very simple instructions in English of course. At first glance, one might almost say that it is handmade, the simple white box, the fabric cover, the instructions to the printer on a sheet a4 ... The pedals are called "boutique" so the quality is very high.


Then we come to the heart of the matter ...
When you feel this pedal engages immediately without even begin to adjust how it is beneficial for the sound. Everything is balanced, fuller, more present, more clean. It is still better to read the instructions before to understand what each knob that affects the rendering because they are all as important as each other (the blend, sustain and attack are even tied together) and are also very sensitive. This is not a bad thing! Nevertheless, it happens more or less easily to what you want, the only difficulty is to "choose" among the different settings you will find which one is the best so this pedal is great regardless of the setting ...
I have long been putting the last compressor behind my other effects, but recently I tried putting before and made me be more like that and I was like that since. In fact, the last setting that makes it more discreet while in putting before the compression is more noticeable and should lower the gain and reset its distos volumes.
I play on a Nash TC-63, a Fender telecaster Mexican std changed, a CS '59 Esquire or Tom Delonge Signature Strat through this compressor, a California Tech 21 or Paisley drive or also using the drive of my amp, a Fender Hot rod deluxe limited edition red wine.
I get clear sound and extra clear sound overdrive / distos masterful. Magic!


I use it for almost 2 years and I am more than satisfied! It has become an indispensable link in my chain of sound.
Before that I had a marshall compressor unusable for me that colored the sound too much and did saturate. I was looking for a compressor that could do exactly the opposite: compress sound without saturation and does not dye her. So I searched the internet and came across a lot of videos of pedals all brands including the compressor and I fell in love.
This is clearly the best compressor pedal on the market in my opinion. The blend knob is very important and is a highlight of the compressor. Aesthetically, the pedal is beautiful with its metallic blue sequined shell and is pretty solid.
The price of Wampler pedals is certainly quite high, but it is amply justified given the quality delivered. If you can, do not deprive yourself honestly after discovering these pedals, I'm taking another (Paisley drive) and I am much satisfied, pedals are amazing!
I would do this choice whether to 1,000 times ...