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User Review

Essential pedal that is forgotten - Reviews Wampler Pedals Ego compressor

Analog jack connection, power strandard Boss


One branch, all portard at noon and it is already very well ... after just read what is written on the buttons and be paid as we like: attack, sustain, tone and volume blend (mixture of his treaty with the original sound) ... Easy.


You do not hear this pedal ... we realize that some sounds are increased, others down, the instrument acquires more sustain, but it's so natural and transparent that we forget that there is a foot behind it.


I have this pedal for about a year, it is permanently connected: it does not color my sound, it adds sustain it takes clipping or boosts the volume when needed so naturally I do not see the interest of the disconnect. If I lose, I will buy it back on another.
If you want a compressor that has character, do not take this pedal it. It has no character, no color, no tone, it does not mean.