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User Review

GAS first step - Reviews Empress Effects Tape Delay

Value For Money : Excellent
Digital delay with tap-tempo, buffered or true-bypass, adjustable mix, ratio, and output feedback as well as switch to tape age, time delay (slow, fast, or tap) filter and modulation.

First question when I read the manual it says that the pedal walking 9-12V on the Empress website is 9-18V and later in the manual is 9-18V ...
She walks 9V and although I can supply it with 12V I still do not know if I can do it (maybe I should send an email to Empress?).

It is not noon, for my case it's not serious but it can interfere with certain.


I think there will be a few hours needed to tame, I left an analog delay I set the time for your understanding.

Generalissimo use the tap-tempo, just two shots to sync which saves much time on stage as much as the switch is very soft.

You can choose the age of the tape, if you leave the filter treble or bass and if we add some modulations in rehearsals and that's where I justify the GAS as we begin to try to control everything ("I want a modulation, but it is available only after a few repetitions "..." the tape is too old / young / dirty / clean ... ")

And I am a follower of plug-and-play but needed a tap-tempo I do not feel frustrated with the settings, they remain clear and intuitive thing that had put me off on the Strymon.


It's a tape delay. Simple as that.

Used with the G & S-500 (tribute); 're there. 50-80 years, anything goes.

With my Schecter 7-string (I had to lower the gain of the effect via an internal switch, not easy to find in shops with an active guitar effects), it's more nuanced.
It's good very good but it's not a happy marriage for shredder, it sounds next, old-fashioned.


At this level it is at that price we take the Empress Tape Delay or El Capistan Strymon.
The interface of the latter did not attract me. However the size of the Empress (12x9) and the fact that either occassion (I waited more than seven months to see one at a good price) have largely addressed the balance in his favor and I n 'have no regrets.