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Comments about the feature article: The Many Uses for Digital Delay - forum Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar

The two most important effects in a guitarist’s signal chain are distortion and delay. And if you derive your tone strictly from the amp—whether it’s squeaky clean or buzzsaw nasty—then the digital delay is numero uno.

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thanks for this clear and simple explanation of DDL. Exactly what I was looking for!
Another usage of a delay that I have found is that of recording wider than usual signals (without having to record doubles of the same take). For example, some delays have 2 outputs "dry out" and "mixed out", which can be used to create 2 mono recordings/tracks of the same performance and pan them hard left and right (or whichever way that one prefers) to get a much wider sound. But for this to work, the delay time needs to be set appropriately. I usually set somewhere between 4 ms to 20 ms depending on what type of stereo width I'm going for and how it all feels!