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[MUSIKMESSE] Hofner present four effect pedals

Mostly known for their guitars and basses, Hofner presents four limited edition, vintage-oriented handmade effect pedals at the Musikmesse.

Hofner presents a series of four different handmade pedals, as similar in look and inspirations as they appear diverse and complementary in the kinds of effect and tones they offer. All models are finished with a 1960s-style Höfner logo and can be used with either a 9V adaptor (not supplied) or 9V battery.

The Handmade Bass Fuzz Pedal is said to have been specially tuned to work with the Hofner range of bass guitars. According to Hofner, a creamy low level of fuzz can be increased to a cutting full on roar, allowing to punch through the rest of the band if necessary while making sure to capture and use the low level notes of the bass. The tone has been tuned to be reminiscent of that unique sound from the 60s when bands first started to use FX pedals, and original NOS germanium transistors have been used to ensure the most authentic tones from the 1960s.

Hofner Guitars Handmade Bass Fuzz Pedal

The Handmade "Sound of the 60s" Pedal was designed to deliver the typical bright shimmering tones with subtle reverb that were so popular and typical in the 60s. This true bypass pedal is said to let you instantly deliver brilliant shining highs while you can dial in more or less dwell as you want.

Hofner Guitars Handmade

The Handmade "Time and Again" Analog Delay Pedal is said to have been designed to deliver genuine analogue delay. The three controls – Echo, Feedback, Blend – claim to let you easily create the perfect delay without compromise to your overall tone. The pedal is described as a "genuine controllable delay, not a series of wobbly echoes" and promises smooth tones.

Hofner Guitars Handmade

 Finally, the Handmade "Tremaluxe" Pedal claims to deliver that uniquely 60s tremolo sound used on so many recording from that era. The four controls – Wave, Shape, Speed, Depth – are said to allow great control, making it possible to shape the sound very precisely. While it was essentially designed to recreate the tremolo sounds used by those instrumental groups from the early 60s on so many famous recordings, it can also be pushed to deliver brilliant wave forms for contemporary rock.

Hofner Guitars Handmade