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Keeley launches presales on two new models

Keeley Electronics has opened presales on its new ME-8 Multi Echo and Seafoam Plus Chorus models.

The ME-8 Multi Echo puts together 8 delay-based effects, including Automatic Double Tracking, Chorus, Tape Echo with Dynamic Modulation, Analog Delay, Subdivided Digital Delay, Room, Chamber with Distortion, and Hall Reverb with Shimmer.

The Seafoam Plus Chorus - or to be more precise the "Seafoam Plus Chorus True Chorus and ADT with Reverb"- is said to feature a new type of chorus until now only available in expensive DAWs and in studios.  It is not only tuned for guitar but includes voices and modes created specifically for bass players.

The ME-8 Multi Echo is available in presale for $249 and the Seafoam Plus Chorus for $189 at

All pedales bought in presale are signed and come with a free t-shirt.