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User Review

good pedal - Reviews Line 6 Echo Park

digital delay, but delay that lists all reverse to slap 50's to analog tape echo
for that, it is perfect, but we will not all.
Me, I'd prefer the digital delay that reproduces the notes.
there is a tap tempo foot big advantage.
the pedal is very strong but ... see below.


use is very simple.
there is rule set as delay, time, mix.
ON adds a chorus or not.


The quality is good, but there are drawbacks qq:
The chorus is not very far.
I noticed that when the pedal engages the volume increases and there is even a little reverb
then we like it or not.
I think noise could have been done better, but the pedal has everything you demand a delay
all types.
tap tempo.
and chorus / vibrato: light for 2.


IN the end, after qques years, I think the plug to the adapter and messing overnight: red: lack of battery!
but I had never put battery!.
In the opening, I saw nothing special, but closing it, it broke.
Other search conditions, it has always worked well.
There's very little delay as complete.
to choose, I'll go to another brand for a better more realistic sound
digital or less.